Karen Meneses, PhD, RN, FAAN

Meneses-150x-210Improving the quality of life for young breast cancer survivors

Karen Meneses, PhD, RN, FAAN, has received a two-year grant from Women’s Breast Health Fund of the Community Foundation of Greater Birmingham for her project, "The Young Breast Cancer Survivorship Network (YBCSN)."


YBCSN-LogoThis project aims to improve the quality of life for young breast-cancer survivors and their loved ones through education, personal support, distance learning and media networking. Meneses will work with the support group at the American Cancer Society and other organizations that can provide support services for young women diagnosed before menopause and their loved ones. The Web-based nature of this program will allow greater flexibility for young women with busy schedules. The project also provides support for children of survivors through a partnership with Oasis Counseling for Women and Children.

For more information about the YBCSN project, please contact contact Ms.Silvia Gisiger-Camata at sgcamata@uab.edu or (205) 975-8656.