Congratulations to SON Doctoral Students - Nanci Swan and Kisha Coleman who have received scholarly grants from the Jonas Center. 

JonasThe Jonas Center is a philanthropic organization dedicated to supporting nurses by developing faculty leaders, supporting nursing scholarship and innovative nursing practice.
The Jonas grants, made through institutional awards prepare doctoral candidates to help students address the needs of future patients – from dealing with co-morbidities and chronic illnesses to providing culturally competent care. The Jonas Nurse Leaders Scholar Program was expanded in 2010 to fund a total 59 doctoral nursing students at nearly two dozen of the nation’s leading academic institutions.



Swan-rJonas Veterans Healthcare Scholar

Nanci A Swan, MSN, RN CCRN

PhD Student

Nanci A. Swan is currently a nursing instructor for The UAB SON. She has completed undergraduate degrees in both psychology from the University of Alabama at Birmingham and a BS in nursing at Georgia Southern University, as well as a master’s degree in nursing at Jacksonville State University.

As a critical care nurse working in a Level One Trauma and Burn Center, Ms. Swan developed an interest in how the care of patients with burns prior to transfer to a designated burn center can alter the trajectory of patient outcomes.

Ms. Swan currently serves as a faculty member for the Veterans Affairs Nursing Academy (VANA). She has developed and implemented clinical simulations for trauma and burn care for nursing students and for VA nurses. The Journal of Burn Research recently accepted one of her manuscripts for publication.

Ms. Swan is working toward her PhD in Nursing at UAB and the focus of her doctoral work is to investigate the implications of nursing care for burned patients prior to transfer and its effect on patient outcomes.

  Kisha-ColemanHearst-Jonas III Scholar (2012-2014)

Kisha Coleman, MSN, RN, CPHM

DNP Student

Kisha Coleman received her BSN from the University of Alabama and has served in the field of nursing for more than thirteen years. While working as a critical care nurse and preceptor, she was inspired to continue her matriculation at the University of Alabama at Birmingham.

After receiving her MSN with a focus on Quality and Outcomes Management in Health Systems in 2002, Ms. Coleman was recruited to serve as the New Hire Support Coordinator in Nursing Education. One of her primary responsibilities in this role included the management and administration of the hospital’s preceptor training program to support new nurses in preparing them for unit-specific positions. She currently serves as a leader in audit activities to support appropriate resource utilization and quality care delivery with a third-party payer.

Ms. Coleman is pursuing a DNP here at UAB. For her scholarly project, she will be examining the relationship between the pay-for-performance model and evidence-based acute stroke management.

 The Jonas Veterans Healthcare Scholars program began in the fall of 2012, the center is supporting scholarships for 54 nurses to be trained at the doctoral level on veteran-specific healthcare needs, ranging from clinical to policy to administration to education, to help ensure our veterans are receiving the best possible care. Scholar’s research projects will be focused on priority veterans’ healthcare need (as identified by the White House and Veterans Administration.)

The Jonas Nurse Leaders Scholar Program
 was created in 2008 to support educational development of new nursing faculty and stimulate models for joint faculty appointments between schools of nursing and clinical affiliates.



Dr. Harper Recognizes Dr. Pryor for Faculty Organization ServiceThe UAB School of Nursing Faculty Organization recognized Erica Pryor, PhD, RN on June 27, 2011 for her service as Faculty Organization Chair.  Dr. Pryor held the Chair position for two terms (2009-2010 and 2010-2011).  During this time, she helped lead the new Faculty Organization structure and the School’s Executive Committee to develop a shared governance model in the School of Nursing.  She worked with faculty, staff, students and partners to advance the School’s mission to “prepare nurse leaders to excel as clinicians, researchers, and educators, advancing the knowledge and the delivery of high-quality health care in Alabama and worldwide.”  We appreciate Dr. Pryor’s visionary leadership and dedication to this position and the innumerable investments and contributions to the School’s students, faculty, staff, and friends, and community. The new Faculty Organization Executive Committee will be installed in August 2011.