The Project Personnel List is a UAB form now required by OSP that was created to obtain information regarding personnel on extramurally sponsored projects.

The information on the PPL form is used by CIRB, IRB, IACUC, and OH&S in their review processes. A Project Personnel List is required to be submitted with the Extramural Checklist for all Original/New, Resubmissions, Competing Continuations, Changes in PI, Transfer In Submissions. It is also required for any action that adds/releases new funds, approves carryover/unobligated funds, or adds to or extends the period of a project. A PPL also must be submitted whenever there are any changes to the individuals listed on the PPL. This includes changes to key or responsible personnel plus individuals listed on the IRB, IACUC, or OH&S protocols.

  • The Project Personnel List includes a list of all key or responsible personnel plus any others who will be named on the IRB, IACUC, or OH&S protocols.
  • This means that all PI/PDs must know all non-TBD project personnel by the time that the Extramural Checklist is scheduled to be submitted to OSP per the proposal submission timeline.
  • Any required project approvals will also be indicated on the Project Personnel List (i.e. IRB, IACUC, Safety Committees, etc.)
  • The Project Personnel List will be completed by the ORS in conjunction with the PI/PD.

 For more information about the Project Personnel List you can visit the Office of Sponsored Programs website.