Call for Nominations


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Each year, a faculty member from each of the UAB schools is selected to receive the President’s Award for Excellence in Teaching.  The award is open to regular full time faculty members (instructors through professor rank) that have been in their position for at least 3 years.

If you are interested in nominating someone from the School of Nursing you need to complete a nomination package. Nomination packages must include the nomination form, a short biographical sketch (limited to three pages) of the nominee that illustrates their strengths in teaching, and at least one letter of support, but no more than three, for the nomination.

If the nominee teaches across programs, it strengthens the nomination to have supporting letters signed by students from all of the programs with which the faculty member is associated. In addition, including a supporting letter from a nursing professional outside the School of Nursing also can strengthen a nomination. Self-nominations are encouraged.

All of the required documentation for a nomination must be in the packet for it to go forward. Faculty who have received the award in the last three years are not eligible.  Awardees for the President’s Award for Excellence in Teaching will be honored at a special convocation, usually held in February.

Please return nomination packets (1. Biosketch; 2. At least one letter of support; 3. Nomination form) to David Vance in NB2M02 by Tuesday, Dec. 31, 2013.

Faculty eligible to receive the 2014 President’s Award for Excellence in Teaching:

Anne Alexandrov

Comfort Enah

Angela Jukkala

Amy Ponder

Andres Azuero

Susanne Fogger

Norm Keltner

Erica Pryor

Mary Beth Bodin

Ann Gakumo

Mirjam-Collette Kempf

Linda Reed

Pam Bowen

Joan Grant

Summer Langston

Cynthia Selleck

Sylvia Britt

Cindy Grimes-Robison

Loretta Lee

Glenda Smith

Amy Brooks

Sharon Hamilton

Karen McCarty

D’Ann Somerall

Pamela Bryant

Youngshook Han

Rhonda McLain

Michele Talley

Gwen Childs Connie Hataway

Karen Meneses

Dale Tomlinson

June Cho Karen Heaton

Gary Milligan

Anne Turner-Henson

Becky Christian  Annette Hess

Linda Moneyham

David Vance

Melanie Daniel Gail Hill

Shannon Morrison

Deborah Kirk Walker

Martha Dawson Ashley Hodges

Jacqueline Moss

Anne Williams

Joy Deupree Lygia Holcomb

Donna Newell

Lynda Wilson

Patsy Dudley Michael Humber

Douglas Oliver

Laura Wright

Beth Elias Brenda Iddins

Patricia Patrician

  Jean Ivey

Jennan Phillips