Lamp of Learning Ceremony

New students at the UAB School of Nursing are welcomed into their nursing profession at the semi-annual “Lamp of Learning” ceremony. The induction ceremony, funded by the Nursing Chapter of the UAB National Alumni Society, is always well attended by students, their families and friends, as well as numerous faculty and alumni.

During the ceremony, Dean Doreen Harper shares the history and legacy of the UAB School of Nursing. She challenges the students

to continue the school’s tradition in nursing leadership as they begin their nursing careers. Other speakers include the Nursing Alumni Chapter President, School Archivist, and current faculty members.

The ceremony includes pinning each new student with a "Nightingale Lamp" lapel pin, honoring the founder of modern nursing, Florence Nightingale. This pin, a part of the students' uniforms, to remind them each day of the commitment they have made tothe highest ideals of technical excellence and compassionate patient care.. This special event concludes a candleand faculty lighting candles held by the students signifying the light they would bring to the lives of others they would touch as professional nurses.

Following the ceremony is a reception at the UAB School of Nursing for students and their families.To view additional photos from the ceremony, click here.