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bb learn sm Building Your Course


Introduction to Bb Learn

Getting Started with Your Course Environment (PDF)

newGlobal Navigation & My Blackboard (Video 1 | Video 2 | PDF)

newMy Blackboard Profile (Video)

newYour Course Environment (Video)

Editing the Course Home Page (Video)

Getting Started with Course Content (Video)

Creating a Blank Page on the Course Menu (PDF)

Adding Your Own Web Content with Course Files (Video)

Making Tools Available to Students (Video)

Turning Tool Availability On and Off (Video)

Create Multiple Rules to Release a Content Item (Video)

newCreating Accessible Course Content (PDF)

newQuick Links Accessibility Navigation (Video | PDF)


Adding Content and Tools

Adding Content to Your Course (PDF)

newUsing the New Content Editor (Video | PDF)

newVideo Everywhere (Video)

Creating a Blank Page (Video)

Attaching Course Files to a Content Item (Video)

Building a Learning Module (Video)

Adding Your Own Web Content with Course Files (Video)

Adding a Glossary Term (Video)

Creating a Lesson Plan (Video)


Tracking and Reports

Turning On Statistics Tracking for a Content Item (Video)

Running a Report of All User Activity (Video)

Running a Report of User Activity by Forum (Video)

Running a Report of User Activity by Content Area (Video)

Running a Report of User Activity by Group (Video)

Saving a Course Report (Video)



bb learn sm Communication


Announcements, Calendar, Course Messages & Email

Creating an Announcement (PDF | Video)

Adding an Attachment to an Announcement (PDF)

newUsing the New Calendar (Video | PDF)

Course Messages vs. Email (PDF)

Sending Email (Video)

Sending Blackboard Messages (Video)


Discussions & Journals

newInteracting with the Discussion Board (Video | PDF 1 | PDF 2)

Grading a Discussion Board Forum (Video)

Grading a Discussion Board Thread (Video)

Creating a Journal (PDF | Video)

Creating Journal Entries (PDF)

Commenting on a Journal (PDF | Video)

Grading a Journal (PDF)


Blogs & Wikis

Creating a Blog (PDF | Video)

Commenting on a Blog Entry (PDF | Video)

Creating and Editing Blog Entries (Video)

Creating Blog Entries (PDF)

Editing and Managing Blogs (PDF)

Grading a Blog (PDF)

Creating a Wiki (PDF | Video)

Creating a Wiki Page (PDF)

Adding a Comment to a Wiki Page (PDF)

Editing a Wiki Page (Video)

Editing Wiki Content (PDF)

Grading a Wiki (Video)


Getting Started with Groups (Video)

Creating a Group (PDF | Video)

Creating Group Sets (PDF | Video)

Removing Students from a Group (PDF)

Creating a Group Assignment (PDF)


bb learn sm Assessing Learners



Getting Started with Assignments (PDF)

Creating an Assignment (PDF)

newInline Grading for Assignments (Video | PDF)

Grading an Assignment (PDF)

Grading a Group Assignment (PDF)

Downloading Assignments (Video)

Clean Out Graded Assignment Files (Video)

Performance Dashboard (Video)


Grading Rubrics

Creating a Grading Rubric (Video)

newAlign Rubric Row Criteria to Goals (PDF)

newView Related Goals (PDF)


Tests, Question Types & Pools

Getting Started with Building a Test (PDF)

Tour the Question Finder Feature (Video)

Reading Survey Submissions (Video)

Exporting and Importing a Test or Survey (Video)

Creating a Fill in the Blank Question (Video)

Creating a Short Answer Question (Video)

Creating a Matching Question (Video)

Creating a True or False Question (Video)

Creating a Multiple Answer Question (Video)

Creating a Multiple Choice Question (Video)

Creating an Ordering Question (Video)

Adding an Existing Question to a Test (Video)

Tagging Questions for Reuse (Video)

Building a Pool (Video)

Creating a Random Block and Adding It to a Test (Video)

newTest & Survey Options (PDF)

Setting Test Options (PDF)

Turning on Respondus LockDown Browser (PDF)

Assessment Force Completion (PDF)

Re-grading Assessment Questions (PDF)

Resetting Assessment Attempts (PDF)

newTest Access Logs (PDF)

newItem Analysis (Video | PDF)


Grade Center

Getting Started with the Grade Center (PDF)

Customizing the Grade Center View (Video)

Creating Smart Views (Video)

Creating a Grade Rule (Video)

Viewing Grade Details (Video)

Anonymous Grading (Video)

Grade Center Reports (PDF)

Creating a Grade Center Report (Video)

Creating Grading Notes (Video)

Downloading a Student List from the Grade Center (PDF)

Grading Assessments Question by Question (Video)

Changing Grades in the Grade Center (PDF)

Deleting and Reverting Grades (PDF)

Viewing and Downloading Grade History (Video)

Pass/Fail Grade Center Columns (PDF)

Exempting Grades (PDF)

Veiwing Grade Center Statistics (PDF)

Working Offline with the Grade Center (Video)

Color Code the Grade Center (Video)

newRetention Center (Video | PDF)


turnitin sm Turnitin


General Information

Full Instructors Manual for Bb Learn (PDF)



About OriginalityCheck (HTML)

Viewing Originality Reports (HTML)

Creating a Turnitin Assignment (PDF)

Accessing a Turnitin Assignment (PDF)



GradeMark Overview (HTML)

Using Marks and Comments (HTML)

Adding QuickMark Drag-and-drop Comments (HTML)

Using Rubrics for Grading and Evaluating (HTML)

Learning Additional Functions (HTML)



PeerMark Overview (HTML)

Creating a PeerMark Assignment (HTML)

Writing a Review of a Student Paper (HTML)

Reading Peer Reviews (HTML)


collaborateBlackboard Collaborate



newGetting Started for Moderators Quick Reference Guide (PDF)

newEssentials for Moderators (HMTL)

newModerator's Guide (HTML)

newAccessibility Guide (HTML | PDF)

newOverview for Moderators (Archived Collaborate Presentation)

newSON Instructor Training Session (June 13, 2013) (Archived Collaborate Presentation)

newQuick Steps for adding Collaborate to Blackboard (PDF)

newDetailed Instructions for adding Collaborate to Blackboard (PDF)



Moderator Tools

newIntroduction to the Participants Panel (PDF)

newUsing the Audio & Video Panel (PDF)

newUsing Chat (PDF)

newAudio Setup Wizard (PDF)

newLoading a PowerPoint File (PDF)

newUsing the Whiteboard (PDF | Archived Collaborate Presentation)

newUsing the Polling Feature Wizard (PDF)

newUsing Application Sharing (PDF | Archived Collaborate Presentation)

newUsing Web Tour (PDF | Archived Collaborate Presentation)

newUsing Telephony (PDF)

newGetting Started with Recordings (PDF)