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Blackboard courses are password protected and only students enrolled in the courses have full access to all course material and built-in tools. All users (faculty and students) have username (BlazerID) and password accounts in order to access their courses. If you are registered for a course that uses Blackboard, your course will become available to you on the first “Official” day of classes.


Computer Configuration

The following is a list of computer system requirements for students interested in taking a distance accessible course at UAB. Properly configuring your computer system ahead of time will prevent delays in accessing your course.

NOTE: Each school at UAB has specific requirements for distance accessible courses. Consult your instructor if you have questions.


UAB Academic Honor Code

All UAB students are expected to read and agree to the UAB Academic Honor Code. The code represents a commitment to integrity in the academic community and a respect for an individual’s educational endeavors.

All distance accessible course activity is monitored through various methods during online exams. If you detect violations to the Academic Honor Code please notify your instructor immediately.


Course Content

The Course material developed by faculty for a course is the property of the faculty member or the School of Nursing, and is intended only for the use of students enrolled in the course. Any dissemination of copyrighted course materials, beyond the use of the materials by students enrolled in the class, may be a violation of intellectual property rights, absent the express, written permission of the copyright owner. Posting materials from a course to the Internet may result in disciplinary action by the School of Nursing, up to and including dismissal from the School. This notice does not apply to personal notes of lectures that do not include course handouts, exams, Power Point material, recordings of presentations or other information that is the work product of someone other than the student.



The instructor in your distance accessible course plays an important yet different role than most instructors play in a physical classroom. You’ll see a shift in the way classes work. However, some things don’t change: the practices of courtesy and respect that apply in the ordinary classroom also apply online, and require even more attention. The following are some basic guidelines:

  1. Participation. In a distance accessible course it’s not enough to merely show up! Your instructor needs to recognize that you are present. Students are encouraged (sometimes required) to participate in online chat sessions and Discussions. Your comments and messages are vital to shared learning, and the sense of community in each class.
  2. Share Tips and Questions. If you are taking a distance accessible course for the first time, this environment is a new frontier. There are no dumb questions, and even if you think your solution is obvious, please share it. Someone in the class will appreciate it.
  3. Derogatory or Inappropriate Comments. If you disagree with what someone has said, practice all your communication skills as you express your disagreement. Any comments regarding race, gender, age, religion, sexual orientation, are unacceptable and subject to the same disciplinary action they would receive if they occurred in the physical classroom. If you have concerns about something that has been said, please let your instructor know.

Technical Support

Technical Support for your course is available from several sources. When you need assistance, you need it now… not tomorrow or the next day. Academic support is provided by your instructor. Technical assistance may be obtained by calling the AskIT help desk at 205-996-5555 (6-5555 on campus) and select option 2; or online -- -- and select from the blackboard support options.

NOTE: AskIT Support Staff cannot make adjustments to Exam configurations. This is only possible through your course instructor.