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Principal investigators (PIs) must obtain a CSUA to possess and use CS for any of these purposes:
  • Research
  • Teaching
  • Veterinary care
Note: Clinical trials performed on campus through the pharmacy do not require a CSUA.

To find out if you need a CSUA, see Determining if a Chemical is a Controlled Substance.
Additional authorizations and registrations from the CS program manager may be required for certain project specific substances, locations, or purposes not covered by the university's standard DEA registration.

How to get a CSUA
The Controlled Substance Use Authorization (CSUA) Web application is used by PIs to apply for an authorization number and to designate authorized personnel to work under his/her number. The web interface is also used to document training and CS possession and use in compliance with strict federal regulations and the UAB Controlled Substances Program. The controlled substances training program, CS245 "Use of Controlled Substances for Research, Teaching and Veterinary Care" must be completed and passed by investigators and all authorized personnel before approval can be given to purchase controlled substances.

See Controlled Substance Use Authorization Web Application to learn how to:
Learn more about the CS Program