Disposal of Controlled Substances (CS)

flag redImportant: Disposal of CS is strictly regulated by federal law!

Return all unwanted CS to Occupational, Health & Safety (OH&S) for disposal.
If more CS will be ordered soon, CS for disposal may be returned to OH&S at the same time new CS are picked up (please bring the corresponding usage log sheet).

How to request disposal of CS

You may request disposal of CS in two ways: from the CSUA Web Application or by phone.
From the Web Application do the following:
  1. Login to the CSUA Web Application
  2. Enter your Blazer ID and Strong Password
  3. From the CSUA Web Application main dashboard, select Dispensing/Use.
    Select the +Add New at the top right side of the table.
  4. Select the bottle you wish to dispose of in the pull down list for Select Container ID.
  5. In the Select Use Description pull down list, select Disposal Request.
  6. For the Amount of Substance used put 0 and select either mg or ml.
  7. Then select submit and an email will notify the CS Manager that the PI has a CS to dispose of. We will contact you for a time to pick up the CS.
  8. Always verify that the amount remaining in the electronic inventory corresponds to the actual amount in the bottle. If not, you must determine where the error occurred.
If not using the web application, Contact the CS Manager to set up an appointment to have the CS picked up. The electronic inventory will need to be reconciled with the written Usage Log when CS is picked up.

When to request CS disposal
  • A project closes or is terminated and a CS is still in supply
  • A CSUA expires and a renewal has not been submitted
  • The PI determines a CS is no longer required
  • The PI terminates employment
  • The CS expires
If you have questions about CS disposal, contact the Controlled Substances Program manager or by phone at 934-2487.