Principal investigators

PIs are responsible at all times for maintaining a current CSUA, an accurate inventory and on-site log book, and supervising their CS facility and authorized personnel in compliance with UAB's Controlled Substances Program.

Sabbatical: A CSUA remains active during a PI's sabbatical leave when an acting PI is named in writing and approved by the department chair and Controlled Substances Program manager. Alternatively, the department chair may serve as the acting PI.

Authorized personnel

Authorized personnel are individuals designated by the PI to have access and/or work with controlled substances under a particular CSUA number. Authorized personnel must complete and pass the controlled substances training program CS245, "Using Controlled Substances for Research, Teaching and Veterinary Care at UAB." Final approval of authorized personnel rests with the CS Program manager, following verification of DEA-required information applicants provide on the Personnel Screening Data Sheet.

Authorized personnel applicants must answer questions concerning:
  • Felony convictions in connection with controlled substances
  • Surrendering previous registrations or having a registration revoked, suspended, or denied
  • Any use of narcotics, amphetamines, or barbiturates other than those prescribed to the applicant by a physician
Authorized personnel must:
Department chairs
Department chairs must notify OH&S when:
  • A new PI is expected to arrive on campus in possession of CS
  • A PI with CS authorization dies or intends to terminate employment
Department chairs review and approve or reject CSUA applications for their department. Department chairs cannot authorize their own CSUA application.