Storage Requirement and Restrictions

Notify OH&S, 205-934-2487 immediately of missing controlled substances.

Principal investigators (PI) are responsible for providing and maintaining secure storage for their controlled substances inventory that meets these criteria:


Store controlled substances according to schedule number:
  • Schedule I-II: Store in a safe or steel cabinet equivalent
  • Schedule III-V: Store in a locked drawer or cabinet that is inaccessible from above or below.
Store controlled substances in their own unique storage unit, together with the Usage Log binders.

Steel cabinets and drawers must be able to accommodate up to two Usage Log Binders if using both Schedule II and Schedule III-V drugs. This requires a steel cabinet with minimum size of 11" wide x 15" high x 6" deep.

Separate by shelf or divider drugs in Schedule II from drugs in schedules III–V.


Install the following equipment according to these standards:
  • Padlocks and hinges
    Must have the mounting screws or bolts of the hasp inaccessible when the door is closed and the lock is fastened.
  • Safes and steel cabinet equivalents
    Must be cemented or bolted to the floor or wall, or weigh more than 750 pounds.
  • Storage units
    Must be secure enough to show forced entry.
  • Drawers
    Must be inaccessible from the upper or lower drawers in the stack. Assign the top drawer of the stack to use as the storage facility, if possible.
Storage Restrictions
  • Do not share controlled substances storage facilities.
  • Do not transfer controlled substances from its original container for storage purposes.
  • Do not store other chemicals or supplies in a controlled substances storage unit.
  • Do not store controlled substances in a corridor.

Access Control
Restrict access only to authorized personnel on your Controlled Substances Use Authorization (CSUA) and follow these precautions:
  • Keep storage key(s) in the physical custody of authorized personnel at all times.
    You can make multiple key copies and assign them to authorized personnel.
  • Do not store keys in a drawer or on the wall.
Personnel changes
When authorized personnel leave their position in the lab:
  • Change combinations or retrieve the individual's keys.
  • Document authorized personnel security changes in your Usage Log Binder.
  • Remove the authorized personnel by amending your CSUA through the website.