flag redOracle System Upgrade Impact on Controlled Substances Ordering

Oracle will be down July 31st until August 6th for upgrades.
The Oracle system upgrade will begin July 31, 2014 at 5:00 p.m. The Oracle system will be UNAVAILABLE during the upgrade until August 6, 2014. Financial Affairs has established processing deadlines for certain transactions for the month of July to allow for the system downtime.

The deadline for placing controlled substance orders in the Oracle System is 5:00 pm Monday July 28, 2014.

CSUA Web Application

The Controlled Substance Use Authorization (CSUA) Web Application provides a central and secure resource for the essential business processes and internal controls of UAB Controlled Substance Program, from application and authorization to inventory and personnel management.
Use the CSUA Web Application to:

Note: Principal investigators and their CSUA lab contacts have access to this application. Other individuals listed as authorized personnel on a CSUA do not.

Follow this link to apply for and manage a CSUA >>