Apply for a Controlled Substance Use Authorization (CSUA)

Apply well in advance of your intended project to allow time to obtain CSUA approval and order CS products. A separate CSUA is required for each location where CS will be stored overnight. Investigators are discouraged from having more than one storage location since the CSUA number is like a DEA license and separate records must be maintained at each storage location. In addition, each CSUA, like a research DEA license, must be renewed annually. Follow the steps below to begin the application process.

Instructions: How to Get a Controlled Substance Use Authorization (CSUA) Number at UAB

Step 1: First-time applicants
You must have a UAB Blazer ID to access the CSUA Web Application.

Step 2: Apply for a CSUA
  1. Login to the CSUA Web Application.
  2. Enter your BlazerID and strong password.
  3. First time users will need to answer questions on the Personnel Screening Data Sheet (PSDS) that are required by the DEA for anyone working with or having access to controlled substances.
  4. After entering your BlazerID and strong password on the PSDS page, you will be taken to the CSUA Web Application's Dashboard page.
  5. Click each tab and follow the corresponding instructions.
Note: Only PIs may submit a completed CSUA application.

Step 3: Expect a storage review meeting

After your CSUA application has been submitted, the CS Program manager will schedule a site visit to verify your storage facility meets security requirements.
Step 4: Complete the online training

PIs, lab contacts, and authorized personnel working with, or having access to, CS are required to complete and pass the online training program CS245, "Using Controlled Substances in Research, Teaching and Veterinary Care".

Step 5: Approval
Once the above steps are completed, the PI will receive a notification email from OH&S confirming the approval of the CSUA with an authorization number.