Amendments and renewal of a CSUA are accomplished in the CSUA Web application. Open the CSUA Web application, select the Protocols tab to enter your new protocols or delete old ones etc., change authorized personnel by selecting the personnel tab and adding new people as you have before or deleting people that no longer work for you by selecting the trash can next to their name in the table of authorized personnel.

  • For security purposes, only the PI can renew the CSUA. Renew your authorization annually when you receive a notification request from the CS Program manager.
For an annual renewal you will be sent a reminder that your CSUA is about to expire and you need to just check for any changes and if there are none simply renew your number by selecting the renew button that will appear on the CSUA Dashboard . It you have changes simple make the necessary changes by adding protocols, deleting personnel as discussed above or adding any additional drugs you have been approved too work with. Then select the Renew button on the Dashboard.

To deactivate a CSUA you will need to contact the Controlled Substances Program Manager at and set up a time for him to meet with you to pick up any leftover drugs and go over paperwork at closeout. Deactivate a CSUA when you no longer need authorization to possess, purchase, or store CS for research purposes at UAB. Contact the CS Program Manager for assistance.