Manage Authorized Personnel/PSDS Form

Authorized personnel are individuals assigned by the PI to access and work with controlled substances under a particular CSUA. Individuals designated as authorized personnel, including PIs and lab contacts, must be screened and approved by OH&S before they are permitted to work with CS.

Important: Keep the authorized personnel list current at all times.
  • Login to the CSUA Web Application with your BlazerID and strong password.
  • In the CSUA Web Application, select the Personnel tab to manage authorized personnel.
The PI can:
  • Add or remove authorized personnel
  • Assign levels of access to the application or assign only one task, such as receiving CS
The CSUA Web Application has the following levels of access:
  1. The PI is the primary contact and has full privileges to the CSUA Web Application and CS Inventory. Receives notice when CS order arrives.
  2. Secondary contact - This user has the same rights/access as the primary contact/authorization holder. Only one secondary contact may be assigned. Receives notice when CS order arrives, like the primary contact.
  3. Authorized user - Someone who is trained and is allowed to use controlled substances for the purpose approved on the CSUA.
  4. Order Materials - Only users selected to order lmaterials will have CS orders approved for purchase.
  5. Receive Materials - Only users assigned to receive controlled substances will be allowed to pick up ordered materials from the Controlled Substances Program Manager.
  6. Keyholder - A key/combination holder is a user who possesses, or has access to the Controlled Substances storage by a key or combination number.
Personnel Screening Data Sheet (PSDS)

A PSDS is a document required by the DEA of all individuals who have access to or work with controlled substances at any time. The PSDS is submitted by the CSUA Web Application and appears after the login page the first time you login. The BlazerID and strong password requested at the end of the questions serves as a legal signature and authorizes UAB to conduct background checks.

The PSDS must be submitted for each individual entered on a CSUA as authorized personnel. When you add an individual to your authorized personnel list, an e-mail notification is automatically sent to the individual, instructing them to follow the link to the web application, to login and complete the PSDS form.

The CS Program Manager will notify the CSUA contacts and the authorized personnel when approval has been granted.