flag redOracle System Upgrade Impact on Controlled Substances Ordering

Oracle will be down July 31st until August 6th for upgrades.
The Oracle system upgrade will begin July 31, 2014 at 5:00 p.m. The Oracle system will be UNAVAILABLE during the upgrade until August 6, 2014. Financial Affairs has established processing deadlines for certain transactions for the month of July to allow for the system downtime.

The deadline for placing controlled substance orders in the Oracle System is 5:00 pm Monday July 28, 2014.

Determining if a Chemical is a CS

If a chemical you require for research is classified as a Controlled Substance, you must apply for a Controlled Substance Use Authorization (CSUA) number before work can begin. 

The following lists are considered Controlled Substances by either federal or state law. Click on the link to view the different lists.
  1. CSUA is required for any chemical listed in the Controlled Substances Schedule. Note the Controlled Substance Schedule Number ("CSA Sch") and DEA Number for the chemical you require.
  2. List I Chemicals - CSUA is required for List I chemicals only. List II chemicals have controls that are subject to high threshold amounts, which generally do not apply to normal campus users.
  3. Precursor Chemicals - CSUA is required for all precursor chemicals identified by the Alabama Board of Pharmacy in the Alabama Administrative Code (Section 20-2-181).

Controlled Substances: Psychotropic drugs and precursors regulated under the Federal Controlled Substances Act and the Alabama Uniform Controlled Substances Act. Not all drugs are considered controlled substances. Examples of drugs that are not controlled substances are Donepezil, Xylazine, and Atropine.

Listed chemicals: Chemicals that may be used to manufacture controlled substances. Listed chemicals are regulated in order to prevent the illicit manufacture of controlled substances.

Precursor chemicals: Compounds that are required in the synthetic or extraction processes of drug production, and become incorporated into the drug molecule. Not used in the production of cocaine or heroin. The Alabama Administrative Code considers these substances able to produce controlled substances.

For more information, contact the CS Program manager at 934-2487.