Ordering CS

Before a lab can purchase CS, the principal investigator (PI) must have an approved Controlled Substance Use Authorization (CSUA). Only those substances which have been authorized and approved on the PI's CSUA may be requisitioned by that PI.

Purchase Order Requisitions will need to be generated by the PI through the Oracle Purchase Order system. All orders entered for CS at UAB for research, teaching or veterinary care will be routed through workflow to Occupational Health and Safety (OH&S) and placed with the vendor by OH&S.

It is important to manage your inventory carefully and plan ahead. Follow the instructions below to avoid delays in your purchase and ensure your order follows the proper approval path.

How to requisition CS online:
  1. In Oracle, in the requisition header screen Order Method, select PHONE (NOT fax or mail). OH&S will phone in all orders for controlled substances to the vendor. If fax or mail is selected there is possibility of duplication with the vendor.
    • For all Controlled Substances, Schedules II–V, OH&S will require a copy of the completed requisition to file required DEA paperwork and to place in the CSUA applicant’s file. The PI must also keep a copy of the requisition in the Usage Log binder.
    • Schedule II Controlled Substances must be ordered on a separate requisition than Schedules III-V.
    • No other items may be ordered on the CS requisitions from the vendor.
  2. Under the Lines tab, enter the CON number of the CS from this list into the item column.
    Example: CON.30000 - The CS description, which is also on the CON number list, will populate except for the catalog number. If you require a different concentration or size as it appears in the description, contact the CS program manager (934-2487) before ordering.
  3. In the description field, add the Catalog # (see: Catalog Numbers by Vendor) in front of the CS name and description which populated from the CON number entry. These are the usual descriptions and sizes used in research at UAB. If you require a different concentration or size, please contact the CS program manager.
    CON number thumbnail
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  4. Under the "[ ]" column, click on the empty box to open the Requisition Lines box where you must provide the Associated Protocol # (or other applicable term; e.g. veterinarian, or teaching), CSUA#, and Amount on Hand.
    protocol CSUA amount thumbnail
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  5. Complete the rest of the requisition with quantity, price, supplier, etc., as you would with any Oracle requesition.

  6. Contact the CS program manager (934-2487) if you have any questions.
Once you approve the requisition, it will be forwarded through workflow to OH&S. After OH&S reviews and approves your purchase order requisition for CS, OH&S will place your order with the vendor and submit any necessary DEA paperwork.

Note: Transfer of controlled substances is prohibited.

Plan ahead
There is no on-site stock. Controlled substances are obtained from suppliers, so plan to order quantities sufficient for a 3-6 month period to minimize expired waste and risk of theft.

Allow time for delivery:
  • Schedule II: 3 weeks
  • Schedule III - V: 10 days
  • Listed chemicals and precursors (if their hazard class requires shipment by ground transportation): 20 days
CS orders will be available for pickup once the primary lab contact receives an arrival confirmation e-mail from OH&S. The e-mail states where to pick up the order and the times available without an appointment. The person who picks up the order must have a UAB ID, a valid driver's license, and be listed as an authorized recipient on the CSUA.

After receiving your order, return directly to the approved secure storage location and secure the shipment until it is needed. The receipt and the Usage Log Sheet(s) sent with the order should also be placed into the Usage Log binder and the current inventory verified. Your electronic inventory will automatically update and show the drugs transferred to the approved storage location.