Training is an integral part of laboratory safety and is crucial in fostering a culture of safety. In order to make it easier for you to provide your staff with necessary training, Occupational Health and Safety has developed Safety Shorts. Safety Shorts are designed to save you time by not having to develop training programs. They also allow training to be documented for future reference. Additionally, Safety Shorts will publish notices and announcements relevant to the UAB research community.

Safety Shorts are sent directly to your e-mail account and are published in PDF format. Safety Shorts are archived below for future reference.

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Date Title Category
01/19/2018 Update to Improve Biohazardous Waste Removal Announcements
09/22/2017 Evaporating Waste Solvents Chemical Safety
06/09/2017 Electric Shock Drowning Announcements
05/17/2017 Medical (Biohazardous) Waste Preparation and Pick Up General Lab Safety
03/31/2017 Spring Weather Safety General Lab Safety
12/15/2016 Avoid working alone in a building General Lab Safety
12/09/2016 UAB Guidelines for Conducting Human Xenograft Experiments in Mice Biosafety
11/22/2016 Lab Security for the Holidays - Lock Your Lab General Lab Safety
11/11/2016 Warning Signs of Hypothermia General Lab Safety
11/04/2016 Change Your Clock, Check Your Smoke Alarm Announcements
10/27/2016  Difference Between a Dust Mask and a Respirator General Lab Safety
10/19/2016 Green Labs Program: Lunch and Learn General Lab Safety 
09/28/2016 Management of Compressed Gases and Cryogenics in Research Labs Chemical Safety 
06/23/2016 Zika virus - Fight the Bite Announcements
05/26/2016 Beat the Heat Announcements
04/15/2016 Chemical Labeling Chemical Safety
02/24/2016 Bunsen Burner Safety General Lab Safety
02/18/2016 Biosafety Cabinet (BSC) Notice Announcements
12/11/2015 Holiday Safety Tips General Lab Safety
11/18/2015 Winter Weather – Are You Prepared? General Lab Safety
10/05/2015 Drain Disposal and Intentional Evaporation of Chemical Waste Chemical Safety
09/30/2015 Hurricane Season Preparedness Announcements
08/27/2015 Chemical Inventory Chemical Safety
05/15/2015 2015 Laboratory Safety Workshop Announcements
05/01/2015 Minors, Visiting Scientists, and Volunteers in UAB Labs General Lab Safety
04/09/2015 Household Hazardous & Electronic Waste Collection Announcements
03/20/2015 No Eating In Labs Announcements
02/24/2015 Shipping Hazardous Materials Announcements
01/13/2015 Green Chemistry Initiative Survey Announcements
01/06/2015 Preparing for Cold Weather General Lab Safety
10/07/2014 National Fire Safety Week General Lab Safety
09/04/2014 Guidelines for the Use of Dry Ice General Lab Safety
08/25/2014 Keep Cool and Beat the Heat Announcements
07/14/2014 Chikungunya - Fight the Bite Announcements
06/20/2014 Summer Clothing and Lab Safety General Lab Safety
05/20/2014 NIH Guidelines - Do You Know? Biosafety
03/26/2014 Building and Lab Storm Preparation General Lab Safety
03/03/2014 BIO314 Bloodborne Pathogens 2014 Update Training Course Biosafety
03/03/2014  Laser Safety General Lab Safety 
02/04/2014 Satellite Accumulation Area Announcements
12/23/2013 What's Your Excuse? General Lab Safety
09/25/2013 Do You Know What Kind of "Hood" You Have? General Lab Safety
07/12/2013 Hazard Communication has a new look! Announcements
06/04/2013 New Program for Controlled Substances in Research Announcements
05/10/2013 Nanoparticles or Nanomaterial General Lab Safety
04/08/2013 Use and Safe Handling of Bromodeoxyuridine in Research General Lab Safety
02/06/2013 Medical Waste Pickup Changes Announcements
01/02/2013 Space Heater Safety General Lab Safety
12/10/2012 Holiday Week Off Reminders General Lab Safety
12/03/2012 Changes in Select Agent Regulations Announcements
11/27/2012 Urgent Incubator Field Notice Announcements
11/05/2012 OHS Support Facility is Moving Announcements
10/04/2012 Shipping Hazardous Materials Announcements
08/07/2012 Compressed Gas Cylinders General Lab Safety
04/26/2012 Medical Waste Compliance Announcements
03/06/2012 Cryogens and Dry Ice General Lab Safety
03/06/2012 Are You a Chemical Hoarder? Chemical Safety
11/15/2011 About "Tax-Free" Ethanol Use Announcements
10/19/2011 Space Heater Safety General Lab Safety
08/19/2011 LVP Price Increase Announcements
08/05/2011 Chemical Inventory Survey Chemical Safety
08/02/2011 Loss of Electrical Power General Lab Safety
04/29/2011 Safety After the Tornado Announcements
01/06/2011 Nanotechnology Announcements
10/08/2010 R.A.C.E. to Fire Safety General Lab Safety
09/28/2010 Lab Closeout Procedures Helpful Lab Information
08/05/2010 Appropriate Lab Attire General Lab Safety
07/08/2010 Shipping Hazardous Materials at UAB Announcements
04/29/2010 Handling of Reactive and Pyrophoric Materials General Lab Safety
12/23/2009 Safety Training for Lab Workers Announcements
11/23/2009 Aerosol Can Safety General Lab Safety
11/05/2009 Unclutter Your Corridors General Lab Safety
05/20/2009 Disinfectants General Lab Safety
04/17/2009 Biomedical Waste Disposal Guide Announcements
04/14/2009 Stericycle Medical Waste Manifest Announcements
03/27/2009 Regulated Medical Waste Biosafety
03/27/2009 Packaging Procedures for Medical Waste Disposal Biosafety
03/26/2009 Stericycle Contact Information Announcements
03/07/2009 Stericycle Announcement Announcements
03/06/2009 EPA Audit - Are You Ready? Announcements
03/06/2009 Aerosol Alert Announcements
01/29/2009 EPA Compliance Toolkit Announcements
12/24/2008 Ultraviolet Radiation General Lab Safety
12/09/2008 Fire Safety & Prevention General Lab Safety
10/09/2008 Emergency Procedures General Lab Safety
06/10/2008 To Glove or Not To Glove General Lab Safety
04/14/2008 Emergency Exits General Lab Safety
02/01/2008 Emergency Eyewash Testing General Lab Safety
01/01/2008 Report "chemicals of interest" Announcements
01/01/2008 Reporting Unusual Research Hazards Announcements
11/28/2007 Product Safety Notice: Tektronic Oscilloscopes Announcements
10/01/2007 Use of Open Flames in Biosafety Cabinets/Tissue Culture Hoods Biosafety
06/21/2007 Accident Investigation General Lab Safety
07/20/2007 No gloves General Lab Safety
04/01/2007 Selecting the Proper Laboratory Waste Stream General Lab Safety
01/01/2007 Use and Storage of Compressed Gas Cylinders Announcements
12/01/2006 "Tax Free" Ethyl Alcohol Usage and Accountability Chemical Safety
11/01/2006 Using your autoclave safely General Lab Safety
09/01/2006 Drain Disposal Chemical Safety
06/02/2006 Fight the Bite Announcements
03/11/2006 Risk Assessment General Lab Safety
03/10/2006 Severe Weather Preparation General Lab Safety
01/01/2006 Flu Announcements
12/01/2005 Proper Handwashing General Lab Safety
10/03/2005 Driver Focus Announcements
08/01/2005 Housekeeping and Clutter in the Lab General Lab Safety
07/01/2005 Research Lab Storm Preparation General Lab Safety
06/01/2005 General food safety tips Announcements
05/02/2005 Announcement regarding BSC certification verification Announcements
04/13/2005 Announcement regarding viral CAP proficiency test samples Announcements
03/01/2005 Mercury Spill Clean-Up Kits Chemical Safety
01/01/2005 Using Ether Safely Chemical Safety
11/01/2004 Autoclave Safety Lab Equipment Safety
07/21/2004 Stop the Prop General Lab Safety
07/14/2004 Disposal of Gels and Solutions used in Electrophoresis Procedures General Lab Safety
06/04/2004 Gloves - Primary PPE General Lab Safety
02/04/2004 Silver Recycling General Lab Safety
02/03/2004 Cover your Cough Poster Lab Equipment Safety
02/01/2004 CDC "An Ounce of Prevention" Handwashing Lab Equipment Safety
06/26/2003 Required Training for Shipping Infectious Substances and Diagnostic Specimens Announcements
06/16/2003 Changes in Hazardous Chemical Waste Management Announcements
05/20/2003 Management of Common Rooms and Shared Equipment General Lab Safety
03/25/2003 Elective Course Offering - Biological & Chemical Weapons Detectors / Response Announcements
03/19/2003 Sharps! Sharps! Everywhere are Sharps! General Lab Safety
02/14/2003 Primary Containment Devices Lab Equipment Safety
01/23/2003 Select Agent Interim Rule Announcements
01/01/2003 Select Agents and Toxins List Announcements
11/05/2002 Is there a Fungus among us? Helpful Lab Information
10/17/2002 Update: Polio Reporting Requests Announcements
09/18/2002 Update: Additions to Federal Mandatory Reporting Requirement Announcements
08/06/2002 Urgent Notice of Federal Mandatory Reporting Requirement Announcements
07/08/2002 Biological & Chemical Weapons Detectors / Response Announcements
06/04/2002 2002 ed. of the Chemical Safety and Waste Management Manual Chemical Safety
01/31/2002 Release of Equipment for Moving Lab Equipment Safety
01/07/2002 Proper Use and Care of the Biosafety Cabinet Lab Equipment Safety
11/09/2001 Research Facility Security Biosafety
11/09/2001 What is a suspicious letter or package? Helpful Lab Information
09/19/2001 Fume Hood Safety Lab Equipment Safety
08/03/2001 Announcing Online Bloodborne Pathogen Training Announcements
05/23/2001 Laboratory Self-Assessment Checklist Helpful Lab Information
05/09/2001 Laboratory Stretching Exercises Helpful Lab Information
04/30/2001 Laboratory Ergonomics Helpful Lab Information
04/09/2001 EPA Update on Hazardous Chemical Waste Disposal Chemical Safety
02/16/2001 Making Sense Out of Chemical Storage Chemical Safety
01/23/2001 Work Area Orientation Checklist for Laboratories General Lab Safety
12/11/2000 Spill Response General Lab Safety
08/29/2000 Training Record: Spills General Lab Safety
06/01/2000 Applying for a Grant Helpful Lab Information