What Training Do I Need?


UAB employees are required to take training to fulfill regulatory requirements and to prove understanding of proper practices. A record of training for each employee is required to be kept on file.

If You:You Need:How Often?
If You: You Need: How Often?

Are a UAB employee who chooses to ship a package using dry ice

BIO200 - Shipping with Dry Ice

Every two years, or if regulations change

Are a UAB employee who handles or offers for transport a Category B, Infectious Substance

BIO201 - Shipping Category B, Infectious Substances

Every two years, or if regulations change

Are a UAB employee who handles, or offers for transport, a Category A Infectious Substance

BIO202 - Shipping Category A, Infectious Substances

Every two years, or if regulations change

Come in contact with human blood, body fluids and other potentially infectious material in the work environment

BIO300 - Bloodborne Pathogens

Once, with an annual refresher of the material

Generate, handle, pack or sign for the pickup of medical waste in research laboratories at UAB

BIO301L – Medical Waste Management for Labs

Every three years, or if regulations change

Work in a laboratory that uses BSL1 or BSL2 containment, practices or procedures

BIO303 - Basic Biosafety


Use a biosafety cabinet, fume hood, or clean air station, it is recommended

BIO304 - Biosafety Cabinets & Fume Hoods


Are a UAB employee with the potential for exposure to bloodborne pathogens in your workplace environment and you have already taken BIO300 Bloodborne Pathogens, you must update it in 2014 with this course

BIO314 - Bloodborne Pathogens 2014 Update

Once in 2014

Generate, handle, pack or sign for the pickup of hazardous chemical waste in research laboratories at UAB

CS055 - Hazardous Waste Handling and Packing


Handle, store, pack and/or manifest universal waste

CS056 - Handling, Storing, Packing, & Manifesting Universal Waste


Work in a lab that uses chemicals

CS101 - Chemical Safety

Once, annual refresher recommended

Use controlled substances in research, teaching, and/or veterinary care at UAB

CS245 - Controlled Substances


Operate a UAB vehicle as part of your regular duties DDC4 - Defensive Driving Every three years

 Handle oil products

ES001 - Spill Prevention, Control, and Countermeasures (SPCC)


Are a building administrator and/or department head, or their designee

GS400 - Building Life Safety


Operate a golf cart

HS001 - UAB Golf/Utility Cart Operation Program


Required for all lab personnel, recommended for everyone

HS200 - Hazard Communication


Work in a laboratory that engages in research that involves the manipulations of engineered (not naturally occurring) nanomaterials

HS239 - Nanotechnology Awareness


Would like to participate in an in-depth review of laboratory safety practices, UAB policies and procedures, regulatory compliance, as well as legal and liability issues.

LSW2001 - Laboratory Safety Workshop


Operate UAB 15 passenger vans

NSC15 - 15 Passenger Van Safety


Work with or around hazardous materials or objects, it is recommended

OHS100 - Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)


Wish to become a UAB Radioactive Materials (RM) Licensee who oversees the conduct of RM use, handling, transfer, disposal, storage, etc., under that respective license

RS100 - Radiation Safety Licensure & Management Course


Use or handle Radioactive Materials (RM); maintain records associated with RM use, handling, transfer, disposal, storage, etc.; or work in an area that is in very close proximity to spaces where RM are used, handled, received, transferred, disposed of, stored, etc. 

RS1003 - Radiation Safety Initial Training Sessions


If you pack and manifest radioactive waste materials.

RS1004 - Radiation Safety Waste Handling & Packing


Work with radioisotopes as a part of your job, or are a Licensee or Alternate

RS2001 - Radiation Safety Refresher Course


Work in a lab, maintenance, ARP, UAB Police, environmental services, or groundskeeping

UAB Employee Health

Initially AND every 2 years OR as determined by OH&S Employee Health