Radiological Survey Instrument Assessments

Overview: All users of radioactive materials and/or radiation producing machines must have ready, available access to instrumentation appropriate for the survey and detection of radiations used. The Radiation Safety Program can provide consultation on the appropriate instrumentation to use on an as need basis.

Contact Person: Robert Heath, Jr. or Domenica Pringle
Phone number: 934.2487
Email address: or

Radioactive Materials Research Protocols

Overview: For those researchers who wish to use radiation producing machines or radioactive materials in their research, the Radiation Safety Program must review and subsequently approve that section of their research application.

For protocols and any other proposals where radiation producing machines or radioactive materials will be used, approval by the UAB Radioisotope Radiation Safety Committee's (RRSC) Sub Committee for Human Use (SCHU) must be granted for the radiation component of the protocol.

The UAB Institutional Review Board for Human Use (IRBHU) must have the aforementioned approval prior to IRB approval.

The following information may be required for submittal:
  • Human Subjects Protocol and any changes thereto
  • Informed Consent Form/Document
  • Information Naming the Radiopharmaceutical/Radioisotope and/or Radiation Producing Machine
  • Name of the Routine or Investigational Study
  • UAB Radioactive Materials Licensee(s) Performing or Participating in the Study
Contact Person: Domenica Pringle
Phone number: 934-7418
Email address:

Radiological Sealed Source Leak Test

Overview: The UAB Radiation Safety Program provides leak test analyses, at intervals required by the Alabama Department of Public Health Office of Radiation Control, for nonexempt sealed radiation sources and devices at no additional cost to the licensee. A test result report for each leak test is provided and is recognizable by state and federal radioactive material licensing agencies.

Contact Person: Byron J. Bryant or Domenica Pringle
Phone number: 205-934-4751
Email address: or

University of Alabama at Birmingham Radiation Safety Procedures Manual

Alabama Department of Public Health, Radiation Control: Standards for Protection Against Radiation, Part 420-3-26-.03 (section 16)

Emergency Services

Overview: The UAB Department of Occupation Health & Safety's (OH&S) Radiation Safety Program (RSP) staff stands ready to assist in emergency services throughout the UAB community as the need arises. The UAB OH&S RSP designates, at least, one staff to serve in a 24 Hour on-call capacity. This is vital for timely response to incidents that can occur within UAB. Should there be a need for additional support, other local and State assistance may be requested.

Preparedness training includes, but is not limited to:
  • First responder training for Radiological emergency or disasters within UAB and Jefferson County.
  • Annual drills and exercises
  • Training with Southern Nuclear-Radiation Casualty Treatment Facility (RCTF).
Contact Person: Robert Heath, Jr. or Domenica Pringle
Phone number: 934-2487
Email address: or

Alabama Department of Public Health Radiation Control Rules