Service: All labs must be "closed out" as part of the process for either leaving UAB or moving the laboratory to a new location. This is a relatively straightforward process designed to prevent chemicals from being left behind. The process also prevents waste materials or biological components from potentially endangering those who may come into the lab for renovation work.

Overview: Once you have a move date scheduled, you can download and start to complete the lab closeout and decommissioning checklist (below). Once this checklist is complete contact OH&S to set up a time convenient to have the lab decommissioned and closed out.

Safety release tags should be placed on equipment and the equipment moved prior to the closeout.

The lab should be completely empty at the time of the closeout unless previous arrangements have been made with OH&S, Department Chairs, and other Principal Investigators intending to reoccupy the space.

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Forms or Guides:
Lab Closeout Procedures
Lab Closeout Checklist
Safety Release Form