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April 2, 2015 at 7 AM. It will reopen the following day, April 3, 2015 at 8 AM.

If you have not completed the entire course, you will be moved to the new course and will have to start from the beginning.

Please contact Fredia Fuller Dillard at eteacher@uab.edu if you have any questions.

Campus Safety

DDC4: Defensive Driving Training

UAB requires all employees, except UAB police, who operate a UAB vehicle as part of his or her regular duties to attend the Defensive Driving Course 4 (OHS-DDC4) course once every three years. New employees should attend the course within 90 days of employment and every three years after that.

The course will be offered in the B01 Training Room on the basement floor of the Community Health Services Building (CH19) on 19th Street. Limited public parking is available on the street. However, it is recommended to ride the UAB Blazer Express (the UAB bus).

Classes begin promptly at the scheduled time and those arriving late may be asked to reschedule.

A passing score of 70 percent is required and employees who score less that that must take the course again within 90 days.

2015 Defensive Driver Course 4 Schedule

Date Time Location Instructor
January 6 8 AM - 12 PM CH19 B1 Mike Boyle
March 19 1 PM - 5 PM CH19 B1 Vann Thursby
May 12 8 AM - 12 PM CH19 B1 Vann Thursby
July 16 1 PM - 5 PM CH19 B1 Vann Thursby
September 8 8 AM - 12 PM CH19 B1 Mike Boyle
November 5 1 PM - 5 PM CH19 B1 Mike Boyle

To register:
  1. Go to the UAB Faculty & Staff Learning System.
  2. Click on "Learning System (LMS) Login" and login.
  3. Click on "Catalog", and search for DDC4.