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Spill Cleanup

Service: We've all heard it said that it's not a matter of if but when. The same holds true for spills in the laboratory environment. Whether it's a spill of potentially hazardous material or a spill that presents no hazard at all this section will help you determine the method, materials, and waste disposal aspects of lab spills.

Overview: Occupational Health and Safety is available to help assist you in determining what materials you may need to clean up any potential spill you may encounter in your lab. However, the time to plan for a spill is not when the spill occurs but before the spill occurs. This means that you should have a spill kit available in the lab and all staff should be trained on how it should be used.

Contact Person: Kyle Boyett or Elaine Broussard (biological), Judy McBride (chemical)
Phone number: 934-9181, 975-9515, 934-1515
Email address: kboyett@uab.edu, eeb@uab.edu, jmcbride@uab.edu

Forms or Guides:
Biological or Chemical Spill Response
Blank Training Record for Biological & Chemical Spill Response
Mercury Spill Response
Radioactive spill response: secure the area, evacuate, and call OH&S Support Facility at 934-3797. If after hours, page 8744.