flag redOHS100 course to remain

  • Due to the demand, the Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) OHS_OHS100 course will not be retired/removed. It will be closed on November 30th for updating, but it will reopen on December 1st.

Questions and/or issues with the Faculty and Staff Learning System?

Overview: Sometimes you may encounter a problem with course content or have a question about something in the content or the assessment. If you do, we can help.
Before you call or e-mail the contacts below, please be prepared to tell us the following:

  • Your name
  • Your BlazerID
  • The course you are taking
  • The question or issue you have

Troubleshooting: It would also help us if you would check:

  1. Are you using Internet Explorer 8+ or Firefox? We hope so because we know that we have problems sometimes when people use Chrome as their browser.
  2. Have you disabled pop-up blockers? Pop-up blockers must be disabled in order to use the Learning System. If you need help with turning these off, please contact your IT person or AskIT.
  3. Are you trying to access the Learning System off campus? We need to know. There should not be a problem, but occasionally people will have software or firewalls that will block the system or content.

Contact Person 1: Fredia Fuller Dillard
Phone number: 205-975-3276
Email address:eteacher@uab.edu

Contact Person 2: Katy Brown
Phone number: 205-934-3975
Email address:krbrown@uab.edu

Links: http://uab.edu/learningsystem/ Look for the System Help Tutorials in both PDF and Video format.