flag redNotice: The Chemical Safety Online Course, CS101, will close for update on
April 2, 2015 at 7 AM. It will reopen the following day, April 3, 2015 at 8 AM.

If you have not completed the entire course, you will be moved to the new course and will have to start from the beginning.

Please contact Fredia Fuller Dillard at eteacher@uab.edu if you have any questions.

What Training Do I Need?


UAB employees are required to take training to fulfill regulatory requirements and to prove understanding of proper practices. A record of training for each employee is required to be kept on file.

What Training Do I Need?

Login to the OH&S Training Decision Tree to help determine the OH&S training course(s) you need to complete.

flag redPlease note that the Employee Health Form and the date are listed as a part of this training decision tree. However, because the information is protected by HIPAA, we do not list it here at this time.

If you need more information about your Employee Health Form, please contact OH&S.