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At 5pm on Wednesday, February 10, the BIO304 course will be closing for updates.

If you do not finish the course by that date and time, you will have to start from the beginning.

The course will reopen at 8am on Friday, February 12, 2016.

Emergency Contact

In an emergency, contact the UAB Police by dialing 911 from a UAB phone or the nearest help phone.
If you're calling from a non-UAB phone, call Campus Police at 205-934-3535.

  • State your name, location, and the nature of the emergency.

During office hours: contact OH&S at 934-2487
After hours & holidays: contact the OH&S Director on Call through University Police, 934-3535, or by paging 8744

In the event of an emergency involving a radiation source:

  • During office hours: contact the Radiation Safety Program at 934-4751
  • After hours & holidays: call UAB Paging (934-3411) & ask for either the Health Physicist On-Call, the Radiation Safety Officer (Robert Heath, Jr.), or the Assistant Radiation Safety Officer (Domenica Pringle)