Welcome to the Scissor Lift Safety (GS600) Policy Training Course. This training is for all individuals who operate or go up in scissor lifts as a part of their duties. This course is to provide general basic training, both online and live, so those individuals using scissor lifts will be prepared to work safely in and outdoors in various situations.
Disclaimer: It is your department's responsibility to provide other training as necessary. Individuals should be aware that while UAB OH&S has a policy and procedures, departments and manufacturers may have more stringent procedures in place. In those cases, the one with the most stringent procedures should be followed.
After successfully completing this course (the content and assessment here online and the live, hands-on class), you will be expected to:
  1. Identify and have in your possession the name, phone number, e-mail address information of your Department Safety Representative (Rep)
  2. Use an anemometer (wind gauge) and a lightning detector properly and every time you go up in a scissor lift outside
  3. Demonstrate the proper use of a body harness and how to correctly tie off in a scenario and during a live session.
  4. Perform and complete a Pre-Use Inspection Form each time you go up in a scissor lift (for the day) – inside or outside.
  5. Apply the rules and regulations as set forth in the University of Alabama at Birmingham (UAB) and Occupational Health & Safety (OH&S) Aerial Safety Lift Policy and Program.
A BlazerID or XIAS account is required to register for and take the course. 

Registration: Faculty, staff, and students follow these registration instructions.

Non-UAB personnel: Call OH&S for verification of your eligibility for this course.

Note about "Departmental Classes": If you have a minimum of 5 people in your area who work in scissor lifts and want to schedule an onsite class for them, please call 205-934-2487 for more information.

Our classes are limited to 10 people at one time so that we can ensure proper application of the safety procedures.

Call 205-934-2487 for more information.