BIO304: Biosafety Cabinets & Fume Hoods

When working with hazardous materials, there are times you may need to work inside some type of ventilation hood or cabinet, but do you know which one?

This course helps users understand the difference between the types of ventilation equipment, their uses, restrictions, protections, as well as how to protect the health and safety of the user. Strongly recommended for those who use a biosafety cabinet, fume hood, or clean air station.

After this course, the user should be able to:
  • Choose the appropriate type of ventilation equipment for the job at hand;
  • Understand how to protect the personnel (user and others in the lab), product (the project), and the environment;
  • Demonstrate proper usage of the type of ventilation equipment being used; and
  • Properly maintain the equipment for reasons of health and safety to the personnel, product, and the environment.
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Registration: Follow these registration instructions.

Below you will find reference material and job aids to assist you in biosafety cabinets and fume hoods. After completing the course, feel free to return here and print any of the material you find useful.
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