Course Name: Bloodborne Pathogens
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Beginning on January 3rd, 2017, the Initial Bloodborne Pathogen training course and the respective annual year training will be rolled into one course. This new course will become the required course for all UAB employees that work with and/or around bloodborne pathogens every year unless regulations change.

 flag redThe bloodborne pathogens training on this site is for students, staff, and faculty only. If you are a School of Nursing Student, please contact the School of Nursing to get the correct training location.

Who is Required to Take This Course?

If you are a University of Alabama at Birmingham (UAB) employee with the potential for exposure to bloodborne pathogens in your workplace environment then you are required to take this training.
Course Objectives:
This course outlines The Bloodborne Standard Precautions you should use to protect yourself and others. At the conclusion of this course, participants should be able to:
  1. Identify and understand the issues associated with the Zika Virus. This would include:
    1. Symptoms and treatment
    2. Dangers to fetal development
    3. General protective measures
    4. OSHA guidance
  2. Apply the appropriate Bloodborne Standard key element to a given scenario correctly.
  3. Determine if UAB’s Exposure Control Plan is being correctly followed in mock scenarios.
  4. Choose the appropriate precautions to take when working with bloodborne pathogens. This will include:
    1. Signage
    2. Biohazard precautions
    3. Infectious disease awareness
    4. Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)
  5. Distinguish between safe and unsafe procedures to handle and properly dispose of contaminated, possibly contaminated, and uncontaminated waste. This would include:
    1. Sharps
    2. Laboratory glassware
    3. Disinfectants
  6. Prioritize the steps immediately following an exposure to human blood or OPIM.
A BlazerID or XIAS account is required to register for and take the course.

Registration: Follow these registration instructions.

Below you will find reference material and job aids to assist you in the bloodborne pathogens update training course. After completing the course, feel free to return here and print any of the material you find useful.

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