Department of Vision Sciences

     Lawrence C. Sincich, PH.D.
     Assistant Professor, Vision Sciences

     Contact Information
     Office - 205.975.3446

     Physical Address
638 Worrell Building
     924 18th Street South

     Mailing Address
1530 Third Avenue South
     WORB 638
     Birmingham, AL 35294-4390


A.B., Stanford University

Ph.D., Harvard University

Postdoctoral Fellow, University of California, San Francisco


Administrative Responsibilities:

Director, Vision Science Research Center Visiting Scholar’s Program


Secondary Appointments:

Assistant Professor, Department of Neurobiology, School of Medicine





Scholarly Activity:

Teaching -

To be announced in academic year 2012-13


Research -

Dr. Sincich combines physiological and anatomical approaches to delineate how visual signals are transformed from neuron to neuron at early stages of the primate visual system.  Current and anticipated projects range from single photoreceptor stimulation and mapping in the intact retina, to functional characterization of the distinct populations of neurons that project from primary to secondary visual cortex.  


Publications -


Additional Information:


Dr Jillian Meadows presents her research during the VSGP Student Seminar Series
Sponsored by the UAB VSRC, the Helen Keller Art show honors students with visual impairments for their artistic abilities and creative works.
Vision Science PhD trainee Katie Bales presents her research during the VSGP Student Seminar Series


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Birmingham, AL 35233
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