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Roderick J. Fullard, O.D., Ph.D.

Associate Professor, Vision Sciences

Contact Information:
Academic Office - (205) 934-6746
Laboratory - (205) 934-9079

Physical Address:
440 Heny Peters Building
1716 University Boulevard

Mailing Address:
HPB 440
1530 Third Avenue South
Birmingham, AL 35294-0010

Biographical Sketch:

O.D. - University of Melbourne
Ph.D. - University of Melbourne

Administrative Responsibilities:

Director, Vision Science Graduate Program
ASCO Chief Academic Officer
Chair, Curriculum Committee

Scholarly Activity:

VS 122 Visual Optics I - optics of the eye, cornea, crystalline lens, pupil, retinal image quality - effect of aberrations and diffraction, aberrometry, corneal topography.
VS 132 Visual Optics II - emmetropia, spherical ametropia, astigmatism, correcting lenses and the eye, visual acuity, principles of subjective and objective refraction, anisometropia, aniseikonia, depth of focus.
VIS 743 Graduate Optics and Imaging - geometrical optics and ray-tracing, wave optics, quantum optics, magnification.

VIS 744 Eyelids and lacrimal system
VIS 745 Tear proteins and lipids


  • Validation of cytometric bead-based assays for tear cytokine analysis
  • Nonstimulated and stimulated tear cytokine, chemokine and growth factor levels in normal patients
  • Correlation of corneal fluorescein staining with tear cytokine profile in patients using multipurpose contact lens solutions
  • Effect of punctal occlusion on tear cytokine profiles
  • Effect of daily versus extended contact lens wear on tear inflammatory markers