Sthanam V.L. Narayana , Ph.D.
Professor, Optometry
Associate Professor, Biochemistry & Molecular Genetics

Contact Information:
Office - (205) 934-0119

Physical Address:
244 Center for Biophysical Sciences & Engineering
1025 18th Street South

Mailing Address:
CBSE 244
1530 Third Avenue South
Birmingham, AL 35294-0010

Biographical Sketch:

B.S. - Andhra University, Waltair, India
M.S. - Birla Institute of Technology, Pilani, India
Ph.D. - Indian Institute of Technology-Bombay, India

Secondary Appointments:

Associate Professor, Department of Biochemistry and Molecular Genetics


My name is Narayana VL Sthanam, however, if you want to search for my research and publications on Internet, please look for Narayana SV. I am funded by National Institute of Health for doing research at Center for Biophysical Sciences and Engineering in Structural Biology. My hobbies are gardening and table tennis.

Scholarly Activity:

BMG 753 Protein Crystallography 
BMG 734 Protein Structure and Function 
PHY 790 Aspects of Protein Crystallography

Structure-function relationships of Macromolecules

My research group and I are interested in understanding the structure function relationships of bacterial proteins and enzymes that are responsible for microbial pathogenecity and macromolecules of the host that are required for activating the human complement system in response to invading microorganisms.

Surface proteins and proteinaceous filaments are used by gram-positive bacteria to colonize or invade human tissues. Structural view of these adhesive proteins and protein complexes at the atomic level and knowledge about their assembly and anchoring will enable us to invent strategies to prevent their attachment and thus block infection.

The human complement system contributes to host defense against bacterial infections directly by its opsonic, inflammatory and lytic activities and indirectly enhancing antibody responses. Various deceases are linked to defective, deficient and inappropriately activated complement and we are interested in visualizing the protein molecules essential for complement activation and regulation.

Recent Publications:
Vengadesan Krishnan, Andrew H. Gaspar, Naiqing Ye, Anjali Mandlik Hung Ton-That, and Narayana, S. V. L. (2007) An IgG-like Domain in the Minor Pilin GBS52 of Streptococcus agalactiae Mediates Lung Epithelial Cell Adhesion, Structure, 15, 893-903.

Vengadesan Krishnan, Yuanyuan Xu, Kevin Macon, John E. Volanakis and Narayana, S. V. L. (2007) "The Crystal Structure of C2a, the Catalytic Fragment of Classical Pathway C3- and C5-convertase of Human Complement". J. Mol. Biol. 367(1):224-33.

Ponnuraj, K., Xu, Y., Macon, K., Moore, D., Volanakis, J., and Narayana, S. V. L. (2004) "Structural Analysis of Engineered Bb Fragment of Complement Factor B: Insights into the Activation Mechanism of the Alternative Pathway C3-Convertase. Molecular Cell, 14, 17-28.

Zong, Y., Xu,Y., Gurusiddappa, S., Hook, M and Narayana, S. V. L. (2005) A ‘Collagen Hug' model for S. Aureus MSCRAMM CNA binding to collagen" EMBO Journal, 24, 4224-4236

Ponnuraj, K., Bowden, M, G., Davis, S., Gurusiddappa, S., Moore, D., Choe, C., Hook, M., and Narayana, S. V. L. (2003) A "dock, lock and latch" Structural Model for a Staphylococcal Adhesin Binding to Fibrinogen. Cell 115, 217-228.

Narayana's Structural Biology Lab

Dr Jillian Meadows presents her research during the VSGP Student Seminar Series
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