Department of Optometry

Dille.2012.smallSarah Dille Lee, O.D., M.S.P.H., F.A.A.O.
Assistant Professor, Optometry

Contact Information
Academic Office - 205-934-6902
Patient Services/Appointments - 205-975-2020
Pediatric Clinic/Vision Therapy Clinic - 205-934-3058

Physical Address
508 Henry Peters Building
1716 University Boulevard

Mailing Address
1530 Third Avenue South
HPB 508
Birmingham, AL 35294-0010

B.S. - Biology, Honors Program, University of Georgia; Athens, GA
M.S.P.H. - Health Behavior, University of Alabama at Birmingham; Birmingham, AL
O.D. - University of Alabama at Birmingham; Birmingham, AL
Pediatric Residency - SUNY College of Optometry; New York, NY

Dr. Sarah Dille Lee is originally from Atlanta, GA.  After graduating from UGA, she received her doctorate of optometry from UAB in 2010.  She completed a residency in pediatrics at SUNY College of Optometry (New York, NY) and Woodhull Medical Center (Brooklyn, NY) which encompassed care of children with special needs, infants, pediatrics, amblyopia, pediatric ocular disease, strabismus vision therapy, preschool vision therapy, vision therapy, neuro-optometry, emergency room referrals, primary care, and hospital eye care.  Dr. Lee joined the Pediatric Optometry faculty in 2012.  Outside of clinic, Dr. Lee enjoys volunteering for Cahaba Valley Health Care and Regional Area Medical team through UABSO’s student VOSH group.  Dr. Lee resides in Crestwood with her husband, Chris, and two dogs, Chloe and Zoey.     

Administrative Responsibilities:
Chief of Vision Therapy Services
Beta Sigma Kappa Faculty Advisor
COVD Faculty Liaison


Lab Coursemaster, Anomalies of Binocular Vision I Lab
Lab Coursemaster, Anomalies of Binocular Vision II Lab
Guest Lecturer, Clinical Evaluation of the Visual System I
Attending, Pediatrics Clinic
Attending, Vision Therapy Clinic

Recipient of the NIH LRP in Pediatric Research under the mentorship of Dr. Wendy Marsh-Tootle and Dr. Lei Liu. 
Investigator for the Pediatric Eye Disease Investigator Group (PEDIG).  PEDIG is a collaborative network funded by the National Eye Institute (NEI) dedicated to clinical research in eye disorders that affect children such as amblyopia, strabismus, convergence insufficiency.

PI for the UABSO site for the pilot study of IXT3. 
Primary Vision Therapist for the Convergence Insufficiency Attention and Reading Treatment Trial (CITT-ART).  CITT-ART is a NEI-funded multicenter randomized clinical trial to determine if office-based vision therapy improves reading performance and attention in 9 to <14-year-old children with symptomatic convergence insufficiency.
Dr Jillian Meadows presents her research during the VSGP Student Seminar Series
Sponsored by the UAB VSRC, the Helen Keller Art show honors students with visual impairments for their artistic abilities and creative works.
Vision Science PhD trainee Katie Bales presents her research during the VSGP Student Seminar Series


UAB School of Optometry
1716 University Blvd
Birmingham, AL 35233
P: (205) 975-2020



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