Residency Director's Greeting



Dear Potential Residency Applicant,

     Thank you for visiting our residency web pages.  We hope that the information provided raises your interest in these life-changing educational programs! 

     A residency is a year of advanced clinical training that allows the resident to work closely with a mentor to vastly increase the resident’s knowledge and experience.  This concentrated training serves to propel the resident forward in becoming an expert in his or her chosen area.

     The benefits to the resident’s confidence and skills are immense.  What a great way to make yourself a better doctor – advanced clinical training with an experienced OD willing to serve as your mentor!  Residency education can open doors.  Many schools and colleges of optometry require completion of a residency program for their new hires.  But please don’t think that residency education is just for future teachers!  Veterans Affairs Medical Centers and many referral centers / multidisciplinary practices look favorably on residency education in considering an optometrist for a position.   A residency is also a wonderful way to receive intense training in an optometric specialty for a niche in private practice.  Over the years I have seen residents go into all forms of optometric practice including teaching, private practice, referral centers, Veterans Affairs Medical Centers, military, and others, and each and every one of them has been glad that they pursued their year of training.   

     I strongly encourage you to consider residency education, and to consider it early in your education.  The earlier you start looking into what programs are out there, the more time you will have to find out the details of the programs that sound good to you, visit those programs, and make yourself a “short list” prior to application time in Fall of your fourth year.   And for those of you who are already practicing ODs  - residency education isn’t just for recent graduates.  A residency is a great way to learn a specialty area of optometry you have always wanted to know more about and take a major step in recreating yourself professionally. 

     How do you apply?  Go to the ORMatch residency matching service website at to find out the application instructions and deadlines.  If you still have questions after looking over our website and the one at ORMS, drop us a line at

     Please sit back, relax, and spend some time browsing our residency web pages and program links to learn a little about the amazing residency programs UABSO has to offer.  We have seven programs of excellence with Supervisors who really care about making sure their residents learn a lot during the short year they are here.  These are some outstanding opportunities!!  Someone is going to get these positions – go for it! – it could be the first step in a bright new future for you!


Caroline Beesley Pate, O.D., F.A.A.O.
Director of Residency Programs