VSGPEnvision yourself as a part of the future, exploring the frontiers that will contribute to our understanding of vision. Through basic, translational, or clinical research, opportunities exist to investigate all facets of this physical sense that involves over twenty-five percent of our cortical processing power. Students are afforded the opportunity to tailor their skills and make valued contributions. Our didactic courses challenge and prepare students to wed existing skills with focused vision science needs, and we actively foster unique inter- and intra-departmental laboratory collaborative efforts to exploit the full benefits of UAB’s resources and explore students’ full potential. 

Opportunities abound to explore the physical, biochemical, physiologic, and behavioral properties of vision. Students discover where and how visual processing occurs and have the opportunity to investigate many facets of the vision sciences, including light perception, cortical recognition, industry light applications (laser, etc.), vision correction devices and procedures, and computer modeling, to name a few.

With 44 faculty and associate faculty members, the UAB Vision Science program proudly offers a wealth of research experience and resources. Robust imaging and analytical tools, augmented by more than 30 other campus core facilities at one of the leading research institutions in the southeast, empower our students and faculty to thrive and advance on many fronts. At present, faculty members are actively investigating the impact and treatment of ocular diseases, aging, ametropia development, and modifying refractive applications.

Our program is engineered to expand knowledge, brighten the future, and illuminate the world. We invite you to be a part of our program.


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