Eye-ExamThe UAB School of Optometry was the first school of optometry to be integrated into an academic health center.  The fundamental goal of the professional program is to educate men and women as optometrists to meet the primary eye care needs of the public.  Graduates receive the Doctor of Optometry degree (O.D.) and are fully qualified to provide quality comprehensive eye care to their patients.

Optometry students take courses taught by a number of Joint Health Science Departments as well as the two departments of the School of Optometry (Optometry and Vision Sciences).  The four-year curriculum begins with an emphasis on basic science and vision science and transitions to clinical content, with early exposure to patients and increasing responsibilities in patient care as each term passes.  In fact, the final year of the curriculum is devoted exclusively to clinical rotations, both on campus and off campus.  Externships have been an integral part of the final year of the curriculum since 1989 and help ensure highly diverse clinical experiences prior to graduation.

Some representative course subjects include optics, neuroscience, gross anatomy, eye movements, public health optometry, glaucoma, pediatric optometry, contact lenses, low vision rehabilitation, binocular vision, and many, many, more. It is a vibrant and comprehensive curriculum reflective of the environment in which it is offered – a world class academic medical center.

Additional details about the curriculum are available by contacting the Office of Student Affairs at 205-975-0739.