UAB School of Optometry
The School of Optometry is organized into a Department of Optometry and a Department of Vision Sciences. The chair of each department is responsible for faculty assignments and allocation of departmental resources. The dean, associate deans, the department chairs, clinic chief-of-staff, and the directors of the school’s Center for Biophysical Sciences & Engineering, Vision Science Research Center and Graduate Program in Vision Science serve as the executive committee.

Executive Committee

Kelly K. Nichols, O.D., M.P.H, Ph.D., F.A.A.O.

Joseph Fleming, O.D., F.A.A.O.
Associate Dean for Student Success and Professional Relations

Tammy Pifer Than, M.S., O.D., F.A.A.O.
Associate Dean for Professional Studies

Michael Twa
, O.D., Ph.D.
Associate Dean for Research and Graduate Studies

Robert Kleinstein, O.D., M.P.H., Ph.D.
Interim Chair, Department of Optometry

Om P. Srivastava, Ph.D.
Interim Chair, Department of Vision Sciences

Elizabeth Steele,
 O.D., F.A.A.O.
Director, Clinical Affairs

Lawrence J. DeLucas,
B.S., M.S., B.S., O.D., Ph.D., Sc. D.
Director, Center for Biophysical Sciences & Engineering

Steven J. Pittler
, Ph.D.
Director, Vision Science Research Center

UABSO Administration

Leo P. Semes, O.D.
Director, Externship Programs

Felton Perry,
Director, University Optometric Group

Brian L. Rosenow, B.A., CISSP
Director, Systems and Operations

Caroline Beesley Pate, O.D., F.A.A.O.
Director, Residency Programs

Gerald Simon, B.S., O.D.
Director, Student Affairs

Peggy D. Striplin,
B.S., M.A.
Senior Director, Development
Director, Alumni Affairs

School, Department and Center Administrative Contacts

School of Optometry:
Kelly K. Nichols, O.D., M.P.H., Ph.D., FAAO

Donna Scott
Assistant to the Dean
Executive Assistant

Department of Optometry:
Robert Kleinstein, O.D., M.P.H., Ph.D.
Professor and Interim Chair

Candie R. Bratton
Assistant to the Chair
Administrative Associate

Department of Vision Sciences:
Om P. Srivastava, Ph.D.
Professor and Interim Chair

Linda D. Phillips
Assistant to the Chair
Administrative Supervisor

Center for Biophysical Sciences and Engineering:
Lawrence J. DeLucas, B.S., M.S., B.S., O.D. Ph.D., Sc. D.
Professor and Director

Sharney Logan
Director of Business Development

Center for the Development of Functional Imaging:
Timothy Gawne, Ph.D.
Professor and Director

Linda D. Phillips
Assistant to the Director
Administrative Supervisor

Vision Science Research Center:
Steven J. Pittler, Ph.D.
Professor and Director

David Parkinson
Business Officer II
Vision Science Graduate Program:
Roderick Fullard, O.D., Ph.D.
Associate Professor and Director

Stefanie B. Varghese, Ph.D.
Program Administrator