Vision, Mission and Goals

Vision Statement
To understand, preserve, restore, and enhance the precious gift of sight.

Mission Statement
Our mission is to educate optometry students, residents, and future scientists; discover and broadly communicate new principles and concepts in eye care and vision science; translate these ideas into clinical practice; and deliver health care with integrity and compassion.


We are committed to planning for the future to ensure continued improvement in our programs and to fulfill our mission. In support of this role, the School seeks to:

  • Recruit and admit a diverse group of applicants who will serve the primary eye care needs of the public in the state and region.
  • Recruit and admit applicants capable of excellence in the practice of optometry.
  • Prepare students for excellence in the practice of optometry.
  • Instill in students knowledge of the arts and sciences related to optometry.
  • Develop in students interpersonal skills for the sensitive and responsive delivery of eye care.
  • Prepare students for lifelong career satisfaction.
  • Provide the opportunity for students to develop their potential for leadership in their profession and community.
  • Encourage and support interdisciplinary programs of health care training and delivery including eye care.
  • Develop programs of community outreach.
  • Develop clinical programs that serve the public with outstanding merit and recognized excellence.
  • Create programs of public and professional eye health education that will contribute to an understanding of eye health problems and their prevention, recognition, treatment, management, and rehabilitation.
  • Prepare clinicians for careers in specialty service or education.
  • Provide resources to stimulate faculty and students in the pursuit of new knowledge in clinical eye care, in basic vision science, and in public health and community aspects of eye care.
  • Prepare vision scientists for careers in vision research and education.
  • Provide continuing education for practicing optometrists to maintain and enhance their clinical competence.
  • Create a professional environment that provides an atmosphere of mutual support and cooperation and that fosters the attainment of both individual and collective professional goals.