Departments may choose to submit an Feasibility Fee Request to the CBR in order to

  • obtain preliminary research fees for protocol-required clinical billable activities to perform cost feasibility evaluations; or
  • obtain research fees for protocol-driven clinical billable activities when developing proposed budgets for grant/contract submissions.
1. Email submission to Submission must include

If applicable, the following completed forms must also be submitted:

i. Radiology Research Quote Request form, and/or

ii. UAB Hospital Flow Cytometry Lab form

2. CBR checks submission for completeness, logs in study material upon receipt, assigns an internal FAP number, and sends an email acknowledgement of receipt to appropriate department contact(s).

3.Submission is forwarded to a FAP Analyst, who reviews submitted material, requests research fees for protocol-driven clinical activities that will be billed through the UAB Health System, and provides those research fees to the submitter on the CTAW.

NOTE: Should the study/project move forward for activation, submission for Full FAP Review is required.