Business and Engineering students will soon have better parking in and around the Business and Engineering complex.  The University is redesigning Lot 15F to maximize the area.  The project will be completed in two phases.  

Phase 1 will involve the area closest to the building (including Lot 16E) and close 12th Street after the Lot 15G entrance.  This phase is expected to last through October.  Phase 2 will begin when Phase 1 is complete and open in January.  It will involve the portion of the lot closest to the soccer fields. 

In addition to the work in Lot 15F, the northwestern corner of Lot 15R will be reworked as well.  This work will begin in September and add two additional bays of parking.  The project is expected to last through November. 


Student parking is available in Lot 15L, 15D, and 15I.  Faculty parking is available in Lot 16E on 10th Avenue and Lot 16D which is inside Lot 15D on 10th Avenue and 13th Street South.  Also, temporary student lots have been opened in the area.  Details are in the article above.