The City of Birmingham will issue citations on UAB property and has jurisdiction over all public street parking.  City tickets are red/white in color.  Other than meter violations, the most common city citation in the UAB campus area is for loading zone violations.  Below is an excerpt of the city ordinance on loading zones.  For details on city citations, call information at 205-254-2152 or visit the City's official website.


City of Birmingham Loading Zone Specifications

If the sign states No Parking/ Loading Zone, then that is for freight (Commercial Vehicles) to temporarily stop to load or unload their cargo. Loading Zones are for 30 minutes, as it should not take longer than 30 minutes to load or unload a vehicle. It is not to park while someone goes in and comes back later. It must be actively loading or unloading. A Passenger Loading Zone is to allow a passenger vehicle to temporarily stop while a passenger embarks or disembarks. At no time can a passenger vehicle be left unattended, as that constitutes parking, which is not allowed