Below is an excerpt from the Hospital Interdisciplinary Standard, Employee Parking:

  1. PURPOSE:    To establish guidelines for employee parking in UAB parking decks and access-controlled parking lots.
  2. PHILOSOPHY:    It is our belief that UAB University Hospital has a responsibility to provide our patients and visitors with adequate and convenient parking.  It is also our belief that it is the responsibility of each employee to help with this endeavor by allowing the needs of our patients and visitors to be a priority.
    3.1. It shall be the responsibility of each employee who obtains parking access to UAB parking decks and lots to follow the procedures set forth by the Office of Parking and Transportation Services.

    3.2. All employees parking in UAB parking decks and lots shall be issued an access card and hang tag.  The following parking options are available but are not an all-inclusive list.  Options depend upon criteria and availability as determined by Parking and Transportation Services (See Attachment A):

3.2.1.      5th Avenue Parking Deck (Deck 5) located on 5th Avenue between 19th and 20th Street;
3.2.2.      Lot 55 located on the corner of 5th Avenue and 20th Street;
3.2.3.      6th Avenue Deck (Deck 6) located on 6th Avenue between 19th and 20th Street South.
3.2.4.      9th Avenue Deck (Deck 9) located on 9th Avenue behind the School of Public Health.
3.2.5.      10th Avenue Deck (Deck 10) located on 10th Avenue at the corner of 19th Street South;
3.2.6.      19th Street Deck (Deck 19) located on 19th Street South between University Boulevard  and 9th Avenue.
3.2.7.      Remote Parking located on 6th Avenue and 8th Street South; open Monday – Friday, 5:30am – 8:00pm.            Shuttle bus service runs every five (5) minutes – 7:00am – 8:20am and 3:30pm – 5:00 pm.  Off peak times, the shuttle runs every 10 – 20 minutes.            Escort shuttle bus service operates 6:30 pm. – 8 p.m. Monday through Friday from the West Pavilion Discharge area.

  3.3.  Individual employee parking assignments may be modified based on changes in job title. or shift depending on availability.

  3.4.  Day shift employees (01) shall be prohibited from parking in the 6th Ave Deck (Deck 6) and Lot 36 as public day parkers (6:00am to 2:00pm).  Day parkers are those employees who are not officially assigned to that deck.

3.4.1.      Unauthorized parkers will be assessed a $100 fine.

  3.5.  All employees shall be prohibited from parking as public parkers in the valet parking system at Wallace Tumor and Spain Rehabilitation Center/Center for Psychiatric Medicine (Lot 36) or designated “Public Parking” in decks such as the Kirklin Clinic Deck or the 4th Avenue Parking Deck. 

3.5.1.      Violators of this policy are subject to the applicable fine. Violations may also result in towing of vehicle and disciplinary action up to and including termination for repeated offenses.

4.  REFERENCES:    None.


5.  SCOPE:  This standard applies to all employees of UAB University Hospital.


6.  ATTACHMENTS: Attachment A:  UAB University Hospital Parking Assignment

Attachment A: 

UAB University Hospital Parking Assignment Process


Assignment Process Key Points


  • Parking assignment of employees will be done based on their current job title as space is available.
  • Every employee has the option of parking in a deck as space is available.



  • Direct patient care
    • Employees who on a daily basis have direct patient contact as a primary component of their job.


Direct patient care job titles will be assigned parking in 6th Ave Deck (Deck 6) unless full then 5th Ave Deck (Deck 5) and finally Lot 55 or the next nearest deck available.


  • Non direct patient care
    • Employees who may occasionally have contact or interaction with patients as a component of their job. 
    • Employees who support direct patient care providers but their job does not involve daily, routine direct contact. 
    • Direct care providers who routinely work day shift with hours in the range of 8am – 5pm, Monday thru Friday.


Non-Direct care job titles will be assigned parking in the 5th Ave Deck (Deck 10) unless full then Lot 55 unless full then 19th Street Deck (Deck 19) or the next nearest deck available.


  • Administrative
    • Employees who work Monday – Friday day shift, no weekends.  They may or may not take call.


Administrative job titles will be assigned parking in Remote, 19th Street Deck (Deck 19) (grade 12 or above as space is available), 10th Ave Deck (Deck 10) or 9th Avenue Deck (Deck 9).


  • Any employee whose shift begins and ends between the hours of 2pm – 8am may park in the 6th Ave Deck (Deck 6) or 5th Ave Deck (Deck 5) at the then current monthly rate, regardless of job title.