Student parking is available on a first-come, first-serve basis.  Student parking classifications are:

  • Undergraduate  
  •      Commuter (lives off campus)
  •      Resident (lives in Blazer, Blount, Denman, or Rast Halls)
  • Medical/Optometry (3rd and 4th year programs only)
  • Graduate (All other programs; and Medical/Optometry/Dental 1st and 2nd year programs)
  • Student Interns/Student Workers

The closer the lot is to the center of campus, the more popular it is for parking.  However, we do have some lots that do not fill as quickly.  Lots 15C, 15I, 15K, 7H/15, and 15X tend to have spaces available during peak times.  Save time by parking in these locations.  See our map under "Fees & Maps" for details on facilities described in this section and below. 


Undergraduate Student 

Commuter student lots are designated with "Lot 15", "Deck 12" or "Deck 16".  There are over 18 lots and two decks in the commuter student system.  Students can also purchase parking in the 10th Avenue Deck for a nominal additional fee.  This permit allows access to the commuter student lots. 

Resident lots are identified with "Lot 7" or "Deck 16".  There are ten lots and one deck available for resident students.  All undergraduates can park in any open lot after 5 p.m. without a permit. 

Blount Hall residents have access to our resident parking lot, which are the lot 07's on campus.

Medical/Optometry/Dental (3rd year programs and above only)

This graduate student classification has access to D9A, the deck next to Ryals.  D9A permits are also honored in any commuter student lot (Lot 15).  Due to class scheduling in the School of Medicine, the lot will fill quickly the first two - three weeks of class in each term.  Since this lot is accessible on a first-come, first-serve basis it is not intended to be the only lot available for the permit.  Improperly parking in this deck can result in a parking citation.  Graduate students are also eligible to purchase an undergraduate commuter student permit.


Graduate Student

Graduate students can access the commuter student lots if they do not live on campus.  In addition, graduate students can access the 10th Avenue deck, for a nominal additional fee.  All of these facilities' permits are also honored in any commuter lot (Lot 15).  Parking is assigned on a first-come, first-serve basis.  If demand for deck parking exceeds availability, then a waiting list will be taken for the current academic year only.

After-hours parking is available for certain areas.  After-hours is defined as 5 p.m. - 5 a.m. weekdays, and all day weekends.  This access is free for any graduate student with a deck permit.  For those in commuter or resident student facilities, a $30 per semester charge.  Current after-hours locations are:

  • University Boulevard Deck
  • 5th Avenue Deck
  • Lot 16A (Underneath Education Building)

Postdoctoral trainees or residents are classified as employees.  Please see the Employee section of the Parking Menu for further information.


Student Interns/Student Workers

Any student intern or worker classified as student in the Oracle system will qualify for undergraduate student parking.  Some internships will also assign students to the remote parking system.  Check with your program to determine if your internship includes your parking fees. 

Student workers are responsible for their own fees and can elect to join the parking system as an employee or student.  Employee charges can not be sent to student accounting and must be paid by cash, check, or credit card in advance.  Student charges are less expensive and are sent to the student's account in Banner.