Between March and July, members of our Strategic Planning Council were tasked with forming subcommittees around each of our four mission pillars: Education; Research, Innovation & Economic Development; Community Impact; and Patient Care. Membership on each of those subcommittees is listed here. Those subcommittees worked to develop goals, objectives, and activities/strategies for each of the mission pillars.

CHAIR: Suzanne Austin   CHAIR: Kathy Nugent
Patricia Baker (Faculty Senate/Libraries)   David Allison (Health Professions)
Courtney Bentley (Education)   Anupam Agarwal (Medicine)
Josh Carter (President’s Office)   Iwan Alexander (Engineering)
Fernando Colunga-Medina (USGA)   Louis Bridges (Medicine)
Zoe Dwyer (Engineering)   Christopher Brown (VP Research)
Peter Ginter (Public Health)   Josh Carter (President’s Office)
Jeffrey Graveline (Libraries)   Victor Darley-Usmar (Medicine)
Craig Hoesley (Medicine)   Alan Eberhardt (Engineering)
John Jones (Student Affairs)   Alecia Gross-Gutierrez (Optometry/Faculty Senate)
Haley Kendrick (GSA)   Haley Kendrick (GSA)
Karen Kennedy (Business)   Robert Kimberly (Medicine/CCTS)
Ashley Kuntz (Honors)   Lori McMahon (Graduate School)
Brandi Lamon-Pinkerton (Provost Office)   Robert Palazzo (CAS)
John Laurent (Optometry)   Raymond Thompson (Alumni)
Jim McClintock (CAS)   Art Tipton (Southern Research)
Lori McMahon (Graduate School)   Yogesh Vohra (CAS)
Mugdha Mokashi (Multicultural/Diversity Programs)   Molly Wasko (Business)
Linda Moneyham (Nursing)    
Pam Paustian (eLearning)   CO-CHAIR: Josh Carpenter (Pres. Office)
Derita Ratcliffe (Athletics)   CO-CHAIR: Paulette Dilworth (VP DEI)
Cheryl Robinson (Nursing/Faculty Senate)   Shauntice Allen (Public Health)
Donna Slovensky (Health Professions)   Amy Badham (Service Learning)
Garrett Stephens (GSA)   Andrew Baer (CAS)
Ken Tilashalski (Dentistry)   Kristin Boggs (Medicine)
    Joy Deupree (Nursing)
PATIENT CARE   Linda Gunter (University Relations)
CO-CHAIR: Anupam Agarwal (Medicine)   Jennifer Griffin (Student Involvement)
CO-CHAIR: Ginger Hattaway (Dentistry)   Lisa Higginbotham (Benevolent Fund)
CO-CHAIR: David Randall (Hospital)   Anthony Hood (Business)
Timothy Garvey (Health Professions)   Tina Kempin Reuter (CAS)
Nicolaas Geurs (Dentistry)   Haley Kendrick (GSA)
Daniel Givan (Dentistry)   Robert Kleinstein (Optometry)
Adam Gordon (Optometry)   Michael James Liptrot (Student Involvement)
Chung How Kau (Dentistry)   Tracy Lyons (Student Engagement)
James Kilgore (Health Professions)   Maria Norena (Medicine/Health Disparities)
David Morris (Health Professions)   Julie Price (Facilities/Sustainability)
Patricia Patrician (Nursing)   Lourdes Sanchez-Lopez (CAS)
Cynthia Selleck (Nursing)   Susan Spezzini (Education/Faculty Senate)
Elizabeth Steele (Optometry)   Sheikilya Thomas (Medicine)
    Jeffery Walker (CAS)
    Brandon Wolfe (Diversity, Equity, Inclusion)
    Michael Wyss (Faculty Senate)
UAB is an Equal Opportunity/Affirmative Action Employer committed to fostering a diverse, equitable and family-friendly environment in which all faculty and staff can excel and achieve work/life balance irrespective of race, national origin, age, genetic or family medical history, gender, faith, gender identity and expression as well as sexual orientation. UAB also encourages applications from individuals with disabilities and veterans.

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