Crime Alert:

Robbery - 700 Block of 7th Avenue South

On November 16, 2013 at 11:15 p.m., a UAB employee was robbed in the 700 Block of 7th Avenue South. The employee was riding his bicycle to work when he stopped to check one of the wheels on his bicycle. While checking the wheel, he was approached from behind by an unknown male. The victim stated that he felt, what he believed to be, a gun pointed into his back. The suspect demanded that the victim get on the ground and give him his wallet. The victim did what he was instructed to do and the suspect left the area with the victim’s wallet. The suspect left the scene before the victim could provide a description of the suspect.  The suspect has not been identified.  The victim sustained no injuries.

Should you have any information concerning this robbery, please contact the UAB Police Department at (205) 934-4434. The detective assigned to this case is Calvin Tolbert.

Crime Tips:

  • Do not try to be a hero. Take no action that would jeopardize your own safety.
  • Make mental notes of the robber’s race, age, height, sex, clothing, complexion, color of hair and eyes, etc. Note anything unusual about the robber such as scars and tattoos.
  • Note the number of accomplices and how they left the premises, direction of travel, type and color of the vehicle and the license plate.
  • Do not resist — the robber wants your valuables, not you. "Things" can always be replaced ... you cannot.
  • Obey the robber’s instructions — listen closely to what the robber says and do not argue. Try to remember the exact words spoken by the robber as it may help with the police investigation.
  • Call 911 as soon as possible. Notifying the police quickly will increase the chance of apprehending suspects.

  • If you are on campus call UAB Police at 934-4434, or you may use a HELP Phone to request an escort. A UAB escort will meet you at any on-campus location (including parking facilities) and accompany you to your on-campus destination either on foot or in a marked vehicle.