Properly securing your bicycle with a quality lock will reduce a crime of opportunity. Thieves know this and have figured out that stealing bikes and bike parts can be a lucrative business. If you own a bicycle, use a sturdy, good quality U-lock. A cable or chain lock is very vulnerable and easily defeated. The U-lock is sold in most bicycle stores.


  • DO register your bike and/or tag your bicycle.
  • DO keep your bike locked at all times.
  • DO lock your bike in a well lit area.
  • DO lock your bike in provided bicycle rack.
  • DO lock your bike to an object that is securely bolted or cemented to the ground.
  • DO position your lock with key mechanism facing down.
  • DO create a snug fit with wheels and frame so that there is little room in the U-portion of the lock for thieves’ tools.
  • DON’T lock your bike to itself, or to objects that can be easily cut.
  • DON’T lock your bike in the same area all the time.
  • DON’T position lock near the ground to prevent thieves from attempting to leverage or crush the lock.