1. Never Leave Items of Value Unattended. Wallets, cell phones, backpacks, calculators, and laptop computers left alone in a public area make up a significant amount of campus theft. Always secure belongings or take them with you.
  2. Register Laptop Computer with Police. The theft of laptop computers is a growing problem for the campus, as they are easy to take and to resell. Upon registration, the police will record identifying information about the computer and place a very visible registration sticker on it. You also may engrave personal info on it, if you wish. These steps deter thieves and increase chances of recovering a stolen laptop.
  3. Immediately Report Anyone Trying Door Handles or Entering Room. A significant amount of theft occurs when criminals enter unlocked doors. The criminal may walk the halls of buildings, including libraries, trying door handles, or enter an occupied room, then claim to have the wrong room. Both of these are not normal activity. Call the police right away if you witness someone trying door handles or a stranger entering your room uninvited. Protect yourself and others around you by reporting this activity.
  4. Immediately Report Unauthorized Solicitors. Unauthorized soliciting is prohibited and presents a threat to the campus community. The solicitors rarely have the product with them and want cash or a check made out to them, not their company. To avoid being the victim of fraudulent sales pitches, say you are not interested, close the door, and call the police immediately.
  5. Immediately Report any Other Suspicious Activity. Suspicious activity often indicates that the person is about to commit a crime. Reporting activity such as persons trying door handles, soliciting products, looking into car windows, loitering around dark areas, continuously walking up and down dorm halls, stopping you to ask uncomfortable personal questions, loitering or kneeling in bike racks, trying to conceal bolt cutters, screwdrivers, slim jims, etc, or attempting to follow you into a locked door. Also report any activity that seems out of place or makes you feel uncomfortable.