1. Lock and secure your desk and office when away, even if it's for just a minute or so.
  2. Keep small valuables (wallets & purses) out of sight in a closed and locked desk or file cabinet.
  3. If possible, when away from your work area let a coworker or close neighbor know about your departure and expected time of return.
  4. Lock typewriters, computers, laptops & similar office equipment to the desk or table top with some type of security device.
  5. Keep a list of brand names, serial and model numbers descriptions of all office equipment in your work area.
  6. Protect your personal property by marking it with an additional, special id. number, such as your driver’s license number. Use account or other numbers for office and unit equipment and keep records of these numbers.
  7. If you have to work late at night, avoid working alone. Keep all doors between you and the public closed and locked after-hours or when appropriate.
  8. When leaving work during the hours of darkness, you need an escort to your vehicle, call the UAB Police Department.
  9. If you are entrusted with a UAB key or CARDKEY access card, DO NOT loan it to anyone. Keys and Cardkeys can be easily lost or stolen and misused.
  10. If you receive annoying or obscene phone calls hang up. Write down the time of the call, the phone number of the caller if available, what the caller, said and notify your UAB Police.
  11. Report all suspicious persons and/or activity to your UAB Police.
  12. When vendors come to the office to pick up equipment for return or repairs, ask to see ID or proof of their affiliation with the company. If you have a vendor coming in to work or pick up equipment, tell somebody in the office so they can check on it for you if you are away from the office when they arrive. If you see somebody taking equipment out of a work area and you’re not sure if they should be, ask them who they are and what they are doing. If you think somebody is trying to steal items, call your UAB Police.
  13. Implementing a clean desk policy not only makes the sales force happy, but also helps to focus staff on the day ahead while ensuring that security is kept in mind. Every stray piece of paper can carry a risk: usernames, passwords, IP addresses, customer names and phone numbers all of which can be and should be considered confidential.