1. Money can be replaced: Money is only a material thing and isn’t worth losing your life over. If you are faced with being robbed, hand over the money. Give robbers what they want.
  2. If they ask for your money, give it to them. Your life isn’t worth a few dollars. Remain calm and don’t show fear.
  3. Being robbed may be one of the scariest things that you will ever face. It’s important to remain calm and don’t show fear. Don’t hold anything back. This may save your life. Please give them what they ask for, upsetting the robber is the last thing you want to do! Don’t be a Hero
  4. Control your temper for the moment and remind yourself that you can’t be replaced. Make a Mental Note of their Appearance.
  5. This could be an event that you will remember for the rest of your life; however, everything that you remember about the person can help the police in their investigation. The Police will want to know what they were wearing, shoes, facial appearance, scars, tattoos, hair color, eye color, and anything else that would make this person stand out. Immediately call the Police after the robbery.