1. List only your initials and last name on your mailbox or in telephone books.
  2. Be alert when returning home by having your key ready as you approach the door; in addition, if you think someone is inside, don’t go in! Call the police from a nearby phone.
  3. If possible, equip your house or apartment door with a peephole and dead bolt lock with a one-inch throw.
  4. Be sure all windows have secure frames and locks. Secure sliding doors by drilling a hole through the inside frames, and inserting a nail to prevent sliding. Place a strong piece of wood in the track. Install locks to prevent sliding or lifting. Use window key locks. Keep keys in locks for quick exit in case of emergency or fire. For double-hung windows, drill holes downward where inside and outside sashes meet. Insert nails or bolts. Consider grates for basement and first floor windows. (Check local fire codes first.) Consider buying an alarm from a reputable dealer.
  5. Never open your door to strangers. Request identification from all repair or service personnel, and verify the identity before letting them in, especially if you have not called for repairs.
  6. Use outside lighting whenever possible.
  7. Never hide your door key in a flower pot or under a mat. In fact, don't hide your door key anywhere outside your residence.
  8. Make certain your door is locked whenever you leave, even if only for a short time. When practical, lock your home and/or office door behind you, or lock your desk. Never leave your purse or valuables visibly unattended.
  9. Have peace of mind when you're away. Inform a trusted neighbor of travel plans. Have him or her collect mail and other deliveries. Don’t share your plans with strangers. Leave shades in their normal positions. Put 2 or more lights on a timer. Use them daily, not just when you're away.